apaleo X HyperGuest onboarding guide

What is HyperGuest for? 

HyperGuest is creating an open and barrier-free infrastructure that facilitates direct connectivity between accommodation and travel providers. HyperGuest’s technology platform empowers Accommodation and Travel Providers to deliver rooms with maximum efficiency. This open and highly scalable cloud technology layer opens new opportunities for profit and business with zero manual effort and the fastest time-to-booking. Their Advanced Platform makes it all seamless. The HyperGuest API is second-to-none, built from the ground up. No archaic or legacy software. Both sides (supply and demand), are ready to buy and sell in moments. Easy to implement for Travel Providers, easy to broadcast inventory for Accommodation Providers.

  • Accommodation Providers sell rooms with less commissions and access to customer data.
  • Customers get the best rooms at a great price with genuine OTA service!

HyperGuest empowers hotels to reach travelers through a direct link with travel service providers. Their seamless digital process assures excellent experience, efficient process and dramatically improved margins.

What data will be shared between apaleo and HyperGuest? 

  • The following details are received during channel setup and kept updated
    • Basic static data (Name, Address, etc)
    • Room types
    • Rate Plans
    • Policies (eg Cancelation)
    • Images
  • Availability and Rates are pushed to HyperGuest dynamically
  • Reservations are received from HyperGuest

How do I open a HyperGuest account? 

The account can be opened for free and it takes less than 5 minutes. 

1. Find the HyperGuest app in the apaleo Store. 

2. Click “Connect to apaleo” link. 

3. Confirm the permissions required for HyperGuest to connect to your apaleo account. 

4. Choose a password you want to use for HyperGuest. Username will be your email that you use to log in to apaleo. 

5. HyperGuest system will create an account for you which will already include all of your properties and units as you have them set up in apaleo. 

At this point the system is already connected to your apaleo account and the data is transferred in real time. 

What is the best way to trial HyperGuest? 

● We strongly recommend that you set up a demo call with a HyperGuest representative. You can book a meeting via this link

● If you get stuck or have any questions you can always contact HyperGuest at support@hyperguest.com or through the built-in chat on their website.

Is there any training available? 

As part of the HyperGuest package there are onboarding training sessions available for you and your team. In this session you will familiarize yourself with the HyperGuest platform, how the integration with apaleo works and customize the features to suit your workflows. There will also be ample opportunities to ask questions. 

You can always access FAQs as well as the Onboarding Guide to help you get the most out of HyperGuest & apaleo. 

How much does HyperGuest cost? 

Our HyperGuest service and the use of our platform is completely FREE for accommodation providers. There are no fees whatsoever… no transaction fees, no maintenance fees, no set-up fees, no subscription fees, no listing fees, no monthly minimum fees, and no “I want your money” fees! Absolutely no cost… free of charge!

How do I disconnect HyperGuest? 

You can close your HyperGuest account at any point by contacting the HyperGuest team. You can also disconnect the app in apaleo from the My Store Apps page. 

HyperGuest + apaleo