We are a quickly-growing and dynamic technology company.

We are on a mission to change the roots and innovate the way that distribution and connectivity are handled between accommodation providers and travel providers.

We believe nothing should come between accommodation providers and businesses selling to and servicing guests.

Our technology follows these principles: cost-effectivenessagility, speed, and the highest levels of reliability.

Our strength derives from our values, leadership, human capital, partners, and customers.

Our founders and leadership team have many years of experience and a proven track record in building successful organizations. They have created and contributed tremendous value in their previous operations in general and specifically in the travel and hospitality industry.

We operate globally through local offices located in key markets. Our technology is proudly “made in Israel” developed at our Israeli R&D center.

We would be happy in welcoming you to join the HyperGuest family, as a customer, partner, or employee.

HyperGuest provides a digital online proprietary platform that allows direct connectivity between accommodation providers (of any kind) and travel providers (of any sort).

By utilizing direct connectivity the platform allows placement of direct bookings (i.e. travel providers can place reservations directly with accommodation providers).

The platform offers and supports two main models:

Marketplace: accommodation providers can place their inventory for “sale” in a digital arena where travel providers can access it and directly place bookings. This allows for accommodation providers to work directly with an abundance of travel providers without the need to pre-contract each of them separately. Vice-versa, travel providers can work directly with an abundance of accommodation providers without the need to pre-contract each of them separately.

Bilateral Relationship: additionally, in coexistence with the Marketplace, accommodation providers and travel providers can agree on different rates and terms (than those of the Marketplace) and with just a few clicks, create and set bilateral relationships based on designated rates and terms as pre-agreed on between each party.

Connectivity: the technology landscape for hotel as well as demand providers is highly fragmented. The largest players dont reach 10% market share and most requests to integrate are are declined. Integrating require specialized know-how and architecture. With HyperGuest, a single integration offers both supply and demand players access to do business without ever having to worry about connectivity. The critical mass of solutions are already integrated, and new ones are being added and certified constantly.

Furthermore, based on pre-agreed and pre-set relationships, our platform allows easy and direct connectivity between accommodation providers and technology providers (of any kind and sort) that facilitates technological solutions/services obtained by accommodation providers.

And this is just the beginning…

It’s simple!

Generally, our contracts are done and settled online.

As part of the sign-up process, you are requested to carefully and diligently review your relevant Terms and Conditions and then formally digitally accept it.

The online digital acceptance functions as a formal “signing” and forms a legally valid enforceable binding contract.

When and if it is relevant, annexes, appendices, addendums, etc. will be concluded and signed by exchanging physical or digital signed documents. 

These signed documents (again, if and only where relevant) will be stored and be accessible on your online platform account.


We operate globally through local offices located in key markets and our technology is proudly “made in Israel” developed at our Israeli R&D center.

Of course!

We are fully PCI compliant.

Very much so!

We are fully compliant with GDPR.

It’s a win for all!

Our platform is changing the rules of the game in so many different and exciting ways. The common ground for all of this is the interests of our customers and partners!

Whether you are an accommodation provider, a travel provider, a technology provider, or a supplier – we have endless benefits to offer you, there are so many clear advantages and so much to gain!

Don’t wait, come and join us!

It’s easy!

In order to gain access to our platform and services, you need to create and have a valid account: Login / Sign-up.

It’s effortless!

It is super easy to integrate our API.

Our proprietary and unique technology are built and designed for quick, effortless, and smooth integrations.

We developed a proven “zero-coding” methodology that allows us to connect to any system without requiring the other system to develop and invest in resources.

The process for doing so is very simple. All you need to do is email our Integrations Team and copy the relevant contact at your internal (in-house) or external (your IT company) which operate your system and we do the rest.

In no time, your system will be connected and ready for direct distribution via our platform!

Whether you are a travel provider that wishes to connect or an accommodation provider that wishes to connect, it is super easy to do so.

Yes, absolutely!

We highly value the privacy of our customers and partners and we strictly follow the highest privacy standards and fully comply with GDPR. We implement technologies and other measures to secure our environment, technology infrastructure, and systems.

Please also refer to the following:

Our Privacy Policy

GDPR compliance

PCI compliance


Data Processing

For any questions regarding this matter, please do not hessite to contact our privacy officer via the following email: contact.privacy@hyperguest.com

Technology providers are entities that provide technology solutions or technology services (usually categorized as travel-tech, hospitality-tech, etc.) of any type, kind, or sort of accommodation providers and/or travel providers.

For example, these solutions or services might be in the fields of yield and revenues management, websites and booking engines, rates monitoring, dynamic packages, customer relations, etc.