HyperGuest is thrilled to be partnered with MiniHotel PMS & CM

HyperGuest quote:

We are really looking forward to cooperating with MiniHotel PMS. Thanks to our integration we will be able to offer its customers the possibility to reach thousands of demand generators (Travel Agents, Tour Operators, DMC, Consortia, etc.) through a direct connection and at a low and flexible commission cost (based only on the successful bookings). Furthermore, the target of Mini Hotel PMS, mainly characterized by small Hotels, B&Bs, Guest Houses, Camping etc. will facilitate the growth process of our Marketplace also towards an excellent value target for which our Demand Generators partners are constantly looking for.– Enzo Aita VP International Business Development

Gracias MiniHotel por confiar en HyperGuest como herramienta de distribución B2B para sus clientes. Sabemos de la importancia de Minihotel en América Latina y confiamos en que sus clientes se verán muy beneficiados por este nuevo canal de comercialización que les permitirá recibir reservas directas de operadores de viaje y agencias en la región y el mundo. Esperamos de este modo contribuir un poco a la reactivación de la hotelería en nuestros países. Cinthia Gawianski CM Reservas CEO

MiniHotel PMS & CM quote:

It is an exciting moment for us at MiniHotel, joining forces with HyperGuest. We are happy to have this opportunity to share an innovative platform such as HyperGuest with our clients. HyperGuest and our clients can have a win-win, as HyperGuest is now presented to a new niche of small hotels, B&B’s, vacation rentals and guesthouses, among our clients worldwide, in 20 countries (and counting). Yuval Shtokhamer COO & Co-Founder at MiniHotel

About HyperGuest:

HyperGuest is creating an open and barrier-free infrastructure that facilitates direct connectivity between accommodation and travel providers. HyperGuest’s technology platform empowers Accommodation and Travel Providers to deliver rooms with maximum efficiency. This open and highly scalable cloud technology layer opens new opportunities for profit and business with zero manual effort and the fastest time-to-booking. The HyperGuest API is second-to-none, built from the ground up. No archaic or legacy software. Both sides (supply and demand), are ready to buy and sell in moments. Easy to implement for Travel Providers, easy to broadcast inventory for Accommodation Providers. HyperGuest empowers hotels to reach travelers through a direct link with travel service providers. Their digital process assures excellent experience, efficient process and dramatically improves margins.

About MiniHotel PMS & CM:

MiniHotel is an All-In-One PMS and Channel Manager, Specially Designed for Small Hotels, B&B’s, Guest Houses, Vacation Rentals, Hostels, Camping and Glamping. They are a proud official partner with the major OTAs. They are always seeking automation. They have a brilliant team of developers, releasing new features almost on a daily basis. Their biggest joy is when the hotelier makes the least of steps needed, to get the maximum result.

Minihotel Questions:

What is the scope of your product? 

MiniHotel offers an All-in-One package. Our PMS and Channel Manager are both integrated in the same product, and are usually given in a single package. Features: An easy-to-use calendar, integration with 300+ travel sites, Booking-Engine for your homepage, Yield, POS, Reports, Accounting, E-invoice, Passport scanner, and more.

What is your source market? 

MiniHotel is best for: Small Hotels, Hostels, Vacation Rentals, B&B’s, Guest Houses, Camping, Glamping. We are working in 20 countries, and we have 3 offices: in Argentina, Israel, and Croatia, plus resellers in unique destinations, such as Iceland. In 2022 we plan to open an office in Mexico, and possibly in another country.

What are your thoughts on this new approach? 

We are happy to join forces with HyperGuest. For our clients this will be a good opportunity to use a unique and innovative B2B platform, and open for new markets. For HyperGuest it is an opportunity to be presented to a new niche of small accommodations, and new destinations worldwide, as we’re working in 20 countries.

Why did you choose to work and distribute with us HyperGuest?

We feel that our clients are ready, and open for new ideas to expand their revenue, and sources for incoming travel. Joining HyperGuest to our integrated partners was a natural decision, and we hope to see a good outcome to this cooperation.