Easy B2B Bookings for your Rental Business

Place your properties in the hands of B2B travel partners, increase your bookings and reduce your distribution costs.

Boost occupancy

Welcome new guests from demand partners eager to fill your rooms

Increase profitability

Low commissions maximize your margins

Let us sweat the details

From setup to payment, everything is easy and automated, with no complex payments

Capture more bookings at low commissions

Net-rate or commissionable, you’ll see higher margins and maximize occupancy through HyperGuest, with no added fees or technology costs

Stay in control

You set rates, terms, and policies and have full visibility to your distribution strategy

Own the guest relationship

Transparent booking data lets you upsell and cross-sell to maximize the value of every guest

Skip the contracting hassles

There’s no pre-contracting necessary, but you have full flexibility to arrange special contracts or terms with individual partners

Get set up effortlessly

HyperGuest integrates with your current systems and automates the entire partner relationship—at no added cost to you

More control, more profits

Open marketplace where any provider can buy – no need for prior relationship

Core FeaturesLarge OTAHyperGuest
Competitive rates
High margin
No booking failure
No pre-contracting
Seamless reconciliation
Rich content, User experience
AI driven optimization

It’s win-win with HyperGuest

Get the edge with HyperGuest

Onboarding is Easy as 1, 2, 3

HyperGuest connects directly to your channel manager or PMS, where you will receive all info regarding your property. Rate and availability are dynamically updated at all times with ease. Additionally, you will receive access to the HyperGuest back office extranet, this will not change your existing channels current activities within your PMS or channel managers.

Ready to move rooms at hyperspeed?