What do you mean by: “travel product suppliers?”

Travel product suppliers are entities that provide travel products/services, such as admission (tickets) for attractions (like amusement parks, museums, concerts, theaters, sports events, etc.), restaurants, tourist attractions, tours, transportation, etc.

What do you mean by: “technology providers?”

Technology providers are entities that provide technology solutions or technology services (usually categorized as travel-tech, hospitality-tech, etc.) of any type, kind, or sort of accommodation providers and/or travel providers. For example, these solutions or services might be in the fields of yield and revenues management, websites and booking engines, rates monitoring, dynamic packages, customer relations, etc.

Is it easy to integrate to your API?

It’s effortless! It is super easy to integrate our API. Our proprietary and unique technology are built and designed for quick, effortless, and smooth integrations. We developed a proven “zero-coding” methodology that allows us to connect to any system without requiring the other system to develop and invest in resources. The process for doing so …

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How do I access the platform?

It’s easy! In order to gain access to our platform and services, you need to create and have a valid account: Login / Sign-up.

Why should I use your platform?

It’s a win for all! Our platform is changing the rules of the game in so many different and exciting ways. The common ground for all of this is the interests of our customers and partners! Whether you are an accommodation provider, a travel provider, a technology provider, or a supplier – we have endless benefits to offer you, …

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