Which payment methods are available?

All! Our payment module supports all major standard payment methods, such as credit cards, virtual credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, deposits, PayPal, etc.

How do I pay owed commissions?

For accommodation providers: For bookings made via our marketplace and/or where you do not have an existing relationship with the travel provider, our payment module will be used for receiving payments. In case you have in place an existing relationship with the travel provider and based on your agreement/arrangement, you can pay the travel provider directly (externally to our system).

Do you provide a payment solution?

Of course! We offer a complete, beginning-to-end, payment solution module. Our payment module allows you to easily pay or get paid (as the case may be). You can use our payment module with existing relationships and of course for bookings made through our marketplace (direct bookings made by partners that you may not necessarily have …

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What do you mean by: “technology providers?”

Technology providers are entities that provide technology solutions or technology services (usually categorized as travel-tech, hospitality-tech, etc.) of any type, kind, or sort of accommodation providers and/or travel providers. For example, these solutions or services might be in the fields of yield and revenues management, websites and booking engines, rates monitoring, dynamic packages, customer relations, etc.

Can I pay or get paid through your platform?

Of course! The integral part of our platform is the payment module that allows you easily to pay or get paid. Our payment module utilizes all standard payment methods, including credit cards, virtual credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, etc.

Can I mark and transmit the BAR?

Yes, you can (and should)! Our platform allows you to mark one rate-plan or a few rate plans as “BAR” (ex. BAR for flexible cancelation policy and BAR of non-refundable etc.). For each rate we “send”, we will also “send” the BAR and by that, the demand partner will be able to keep intact your …

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What is BAR (rate)?

Best Available Rate (BAR), also known as Best Rate Guaranteed (BRG), is a pricing mechanism used by hotels and hotel chains. It was introduced as a result of the hotel industry mimicking the airline industry, which sets a price by forecasting demand. There are several interpretations and executions of BAR in the hotel industry. Sheryl E. Kimes defines …

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