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We are HyperGuest. A revolutionary new travel channel where rooms move at hyperspeed.
HyperGuest and B&B Hotels Partnership: Reshaping Global Hotel Distribution

"HyperGuest allows us direct access to the B2B online travel ecosystem, enhancing visibility, sales, and new partnerships. Their sophisticated interface enables flexible rate structures, boosting our awareness and revenue within Travel Demand Partners."

Othmane Ammari, Senior Leisure Sales & E-Distribution Executive

Nordbeds offers competitive rates through direct connectivity with HyperGuest

As the market evolves, enhancing relationships with hotel partners is crucial to ensure competitive rates, availability, and seamless bookings”.

Bruno Trathaug, Head of Contracting & B2B Distribution

Vertical Booking Embraces HyperGuest's Game-Changing B2B Direct Distribution

"When HyperGuest first introduced the concept of direct distribution, it sparked a revolution in the hotel industry."

Christian Lepom, Chief Operating Officer

Shifting from Static Distribution to Profitable Bookings.

Make Hotel Distribution transparent, fully controlled, and much more profitable, all on the same platform. No middlemen. No 3rd parties. No one taking unnecessary commissions.


I'm a Hotelier

Accomoditaion Providers – HyperGuest B2B Hospitality Marketplace
Simple API connection allows you to automatically place room availability in real time to our marketplace. Rooms are ready for direct booking by travel providers. Say hello to data transparency. Say goodbye to high-commissions. Sit back and watch the rooms fly.

I'm a Travel Provider

With the HyperGuest marketplace, travel providers now have the power. View and book real, live rooms at real and competitive prices. Skip the middlemen. Skip the high-commission costs. And eliminate false bookings once and for all, at the speed of light.

Real rooms in Real-time.

HyperGuest Dashboard
Direct connection between supply and demand. HyperGuest eliminates the multiple layers of wholesalers that eat into a hotel’s profit margin and cause booking failures and price inconsistencies.
Access more instantly. With HyperGuest, OTAs and demand parties can now access quality rooms in realtime, so you can offer your clients better service and prices.
Advanced Platform makes it seamless. The HyperGuest API is second-to-none, built from the ground up. Noarchaic or legacy software. Both sides are ready to buy and sell in moments. Easy to implement for Travel Providers, easy to broadcastinventory for Hoteliers.
No Losers. Hotelier sell rooms with less commissions and access to customer data.Travel Providers can book with confidence and grow their businesses. Customers get the best rooms at a great price with genuine OTA service.

Trusted by Top Hospitality and Travel Brands

“Using HyperGuest Marketplace allowed us to regain the strategic control of our B2B distribution for all our clients, and gain full transparency over rates, terms and policies by incredibly reducing rate disparity. HyperGuest is an evolution of the distribution, I’d strongly recommend to anyone in the Hospitality industry to join HyperGuest as well”
The Net Revenue
“HyperGuest enables us to increase visibility and sales as well as connect with new partners!”
Corendon Hotels & Resorts
“Before we joined HyperGuest, we were dealing a lot with scalability challenges, as new integrations in the B2B landscape took months to implement. Working with HyperGuest helped us display our direct inventory to an enormous number of Tour Operators in just a few days!”
Dot Rewards
"As a result of connecting with HyperGuest, we were exposed to new agents who were previously unable to work with us due to difficulties in connecting to the PMS hotel management interface. We find that the HyperGuest interface is sophisticated and allows maximum flexibility when it comes to different policies based on segments, countries of origin, fees, etc."
Aliza Avishel, Revenue Manager
"We decided to collaborate with HyperGuest Channel in order to achieve more controlled and transparent distribution, reduce unnecessary commission costs, and minimize third-party intermediaries. Travel providers can confidently book our rooms in real time."
Ramón Regás, Director Comercial
"HyperGuest enables us to increase visibility and sales, as well as connect with new travel partners. We find HyperGuest's interface to be sophisticated and flexible when it comes to different rate structures based on segments, source markets, etc. We are confident that HyperGuest will help us increase awareness of B&B Hotels within the Travel Demand Partners and drive new revenues and customers."
Ammari Othmane, Senior Leisure Sales & E-Distribution Executive
"The main reason for choosing HyperGuest was the opportunities for new business partnerships through the marketplace, the availability and speed of the team in responding to connection requests, and the ease of processing and guaranteeing payments with partners."
Ricardo Vieira, Executive Commercial Director
"HyperGuest met all our requirements for connecting our hotels directly with B2B ecosystems!"
Anis Meghirbi, Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing
"HyperGuest helps us increase our brand visibility and reach a broader customer base."
Matthias Rud, Distribution and E-Commerce Manager
"We chose HyperGuest because its technology opens up markets around the world that were previously inaccessible to us."
Alex Löw, Project Manager Revenue
"We are confident that HyperGuest will help us build a recognizable brand and attract new revenues and customers."
Chatrada Nutrujirod, E-Commerce Manager
"We decided to connect to HyperGuest because we believe it is a tool that will facilitate communication and work dynamics between hotels and travel agencies. Fixed and dynamic rates connected to our rate distribution center make everything much easier and more agile!"
Jonathan Sutton Dabbah, Alvear Hoteles
"We chose to work with HyperGuest because it has +100 channel managers on the Marketplace that allow us to have direct connectivity with all the hotels in the platform."
Rooms Dealer
"Working with HyperGuest allow us to integrate with many channel managers directly, instead of developing many integrations with all channels one by one."
"We have decided to collaborate with HyperGuest as they are the intermediary useful for competitive and dynamic collaborations with our suppliers. HyperGuest is able to provide a very important inventory for companies at amazing conditions, this makes the game competitive and fair with our competitors."
One Up Travel
"By connecting with HyperGuest, we were able to extend our hotel portfolio by gaining direct access to hotels."
Tatiana Saviuc, Sales Manager
"HyperGuest gives us the technology to connect directly with hotels and chains anywhere in the world."
Tomer Eni, Chief of Operations
"Collaborating with strategic partners is essential for us to achieve our objective of ranking among the top five global online travel marketplaces by 2028. Alongside our excellent collaboration with HyperGuest, we will offer more hotel options to our +165 million visitors, enhancing our user experience while presenting quality content without intermediaries."
Ferhat UYANIK, Head of Hotels
"As the market moves towards a dynamic model, this is an important step for us to enhance our relationships with our hotel partners, ensuring competitive rates, availability, and seamless delivery of bookings to our valued partners."
Bruno Trathaug, Head of Contracting & B2B Distribution
"HyperGuest connects us directly to thousands of active hotels worldwide and saves us a lot of time by providing a centralized platform to connect with all these hotels."
Emir Kamizi,
"HyperGuest helps us connect with thousands of hotels quickly and easily."
Martín Cornejo, Managing Partner
"BYHOURS partnered with HyperGuest mainly to improve the supply and product offerings on our platform. By being connected with different channel managers, we can offer a wider variety of hotel options to our customers while also avoiding problems with price parity. The partnership with HyperGuest also provides hotels with a new platform to increase revenue, completely complementary to their PNL."
Guillermo Gaspart, CEO
"We are pleased to announce our partnership with HyperGuest! They are an innovative company with a very helpful team, and they bring a lot of value to us."
Bijoy Mehta, Marketing Officer
"As a fast-growing technology company, we always strive to work with the best tech providers who can effectively remove barriers for us. HyperGuest seems to effectively solve a real problem in the hotel distribution world."
Benny Yonovich, CEO & Co-Founder
"HyperGuest will open up a new wave of sales by connecting Diversa to selected hotels that are currently offline. We expect to increase business with new independent properties and hotel chains in the Caribbean and other parts of the world."
Charles Franken, Grupo Arbo Director
"We chose to work with HyperGuest to improve the customer experience when creating packages via our platform, allowing us to include better and hand-picked accommodation options."
Ben Julius, Founder
"By joining forces with HyperGuest, we strengthen our position as a premier online travel marketplace, enhancing our ability to offer a diverse selection of hotels through HyperGuest's broad portfolio."
Mine ISIK, Business Development Manager
“We are pleased to have HyperGuest on board with its innovative business model, we are confident that we will be able to access a large inventory at competitive prices and without intermediaries”
Fabio Giangrande, Managing Director


Connect to HyperGuest and get direct access to +100 World's best Travel and Hospitality Tech providers and b2b distribution channels.

Ready to move rooms at hyperspeed?

We are HyperGuest. A revolutionary new travel channel where rooms move at hyperspeed.

"With HyperGuest, we are able to reach more new partners and grow our business!"

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