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Now travel agencies, corporate travel services, and niche travel providers can finally connect directly with hotel inventory, so you keep more commission. HyperGuest gives you direct, real-time access to room inventory for your clients at higher margins for you.

Grow your Business

Tap into new inventory and new revenue.

Direct Supply Connection

Access real-time rates, availability, property details, and images to eliminate booking failures.

Next Generation Booking

Payments and reconciliation are automated, no pre-contracts are required, and integration with your current systems is easy.

Trusted by Top Travel Brands

"We chose to work with HyperGuest because it has +100 channel managers on the Marketplace that allow us to have direct connectivity with all the hotels in the platform."
Rooms Dealer
"Working with HyperGuest allow us to integrate with many channel managers directly, instead of developing many integrations with all channels one by one."
"We have decided to collaborate with HyperGuest as they are the intermediary useful for competitive and dynamic collaborations with our suppliers. HyperGuest is able to provide a very important inventory for companies at amazing conditions, this makes the game competitive and fair with our competitors."
One Up Travel
"By connecting with HyperGuest, we were able to extend our hotel portfolio by gaining direct access to hotels."
Tatiana Saviuc, Sales Manager
"HyperGuest gives us the technology to connect directly with hotels and chains anywhere in the world."
Tomer Eni, Chief of Operations
"Collaborating with strategic partners is essential for us to achieve our objective of ranking among the top five global online travel marketplaces by 2028. Alongside our excellent collaboration with HyperGuest, we will offer more hotel options to our +165 million visitors, enhancing our user experience while presenting quality content without intermediaries."
Ferhat UYANIK, Head of Hotels
"As the market moves towards a dynamic model, this is an important step for us to enhance our relationships with our hotel partners, ensuring competitive rates, availability, and seamless delivery of bookings to our valued partners."
Bruno Trathaug, Head of Contracting & B2B Distribution
"HyperGuest connects us directly to thousands of active hotels worldwide and saves us a lot of time by providing a centralized platform to connect with all these hotels."
Emir Kamizi,
"HyperGuest helps us connect with thousands of hotels quickly and easily."
Martín Cornejo, Managing Partner
"BYHOURS partnered with HyperGuest mainly to improve the supply and product offerings on our platform. By being connected with different channel managers, we can offer a wider variety of hotel options to our customers while also avoiding problems with price parity. The partnership with HyperGuest also provides hotels with a new platform to increase revenue, completely complementary to their PNL."
Guillermo Gaspart, CEO
"We are pleased to announce our partnership with HyperGuest! They are an innovative company with a very helpful team, and they bring a lot of value to us."
Bijoy Mehta, Marketing Officer
"As a fast-growing technology company, we always strive to work with the best tech providers who can effectively remove barriers for us. HyperGuest seems to effectively solve a real problem in the hotel distribution world."
Benny Yonovich, CEO & Co-Founder
"HyperGuest will open up a new wave of sales by connecting Diversa to selected hotels that are currently offline. We expect to increase business with new independent properties and hotel chains in the Caribbean and other parts of the world."
Charles Franken, Grupo Arbo Director
"We chose to work with HyperGuest to improve the customer experience when creating packages via our platform, allowing us to include better and hand-picked accommodation options."
Ben Julius, Founder
"By joining forces with HyperGuest, we strengthen our position as a premier online travel marketplace, enhancing our ability to offer a diverse selection of hotels through HyperGuest's broad portfolio."
Mine ISIK, Business Development Manager
“We are pleased to have HyperGuest on board with its innovative business model, we are confident that we will be able to access a large inventory at competitive prices and without intermediaries”
Fabio Giangrande, Managing Director

Nothing comes between you and supply.

Book directly with hotels on a net rate or BAR basis, and you capture the full commission. Plus, accounting is handled in the system for timely, hassle-free payment.
Higher margins
Eliminate middlemen so you keep the commissions.
Book rooms directly
Level up with OTAs with up-to-date photos, amenities, promotional rates and more.
Real-time rates and availability
What you see is what you book.
No booking failures
Ensure a positive customer experience.
Book Directly with Low Commission – HyperGuest Hospitality Marketplace 
HyperGuest Extranet – HyperGuest B2B Marketplace

Book direct and level the playing field.

Now you can offer everything the OTAs do plus value-add services travellers want. Forget outdated systems and paper-thin margins, HyperGuest gives you direct access to hotel inventory around the world.
Core Features
Competitive rates
High Margin
No booking failure
No pre-contracting
Seamless reconciliation
Rich content, UX
AI Driven Optimisation

Easy onboarding

Easy Onboarding Low commissions – HyperGuest B2B Hospitality Marketplace
Search. Real time rate and availability.
Book. Directly to hotel’s systems.
Profit. Competitive net rates; commission-able pay-at-hotel.

"Working with HyperGuest allow us to integrate with many channel managers"

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