Travel Providers

Get an edge with HyperGuest.

Now travel agencies, corporate travel services, and niche travel providers can finally connect directly with hotel inventory, so you keep more commission. HyperGuest gives you direct, real-time access to room inventory for your clients at higher margins for you.

Grow your Business

Tap into new inventory and new revenue.

Direct Supply Connection

Access real-time rates, availability, property details, and images to eliminate booking failures.

Next Generation Booking

Payments and reconciliation are automated, no pre-contracts are required, and integration with your current systems is easy.

Nothing comes between you and supply.

Book directly with hotels on a net rate or BAR basis, and you capture the full commission. Plus, accounting is handled in the system for timely, hassle-free payment.
Higher margins
Eliminate middlemen so you keep the commissions.
Book rooms directly
Level up with OTAs with up-to-date photos, amenities, promotional rates and more.
Real-time rates and availability
What you see is what you book.
No booking failures
Ensure a positive customer experience.

Book direct and level the playing field.

Now you can offer everything the OTAs do plus value-add services travellers want. Forget outdated systems and paper-thin margins, HyperGuest gives you direct access to hotel inventory around the world.
Core Features
Competitive rates
High Margin
No booking failure
No pre-contracting
Seamless reconciliation
Rich content, UX
AI Driven Optimisation

Easy onboarding

Search. Real time rate and availability.
Book. Directly to hotel’s systems.
Profit. Competitive net rates; commission-able pay-at-hotel.

"Working with HyperGuest allow us to integrate with many channel managers"

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