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Accommodation Providers

Selling Rooms Through Direct Connections.

Imagine opening up a direct stream of new high-margin bookings from travel providers like agencies and consortia, specialised OTAs, and corporate travel services—Dramatically reduced distribution costs. That’s HyperGuest.

Boost occupancy

Welcome new guests from demand partners eager to fill your rooms.

Increase profitability

Low commissions maximize net RevPAR.

Let us sweat the details

From setup to payment, everything is easy and automated, with no complex payments.

Trusted by Top Hospitality

“Using HyperGuest Marketplace allowed us to regain the strategic control of our B2B distribution for all our clients, and gain full transparency over rates, terms and policies by incredibly reducing rate disparity. HyperGuest is an evolution of the distribution, I’d strongly recommend to anyone in the Hospitality industry to join HyperGuest as well”
The Net Revenue
“HyperGuest enables us to increase visibility and sales as well as connect with new partners!”
Corendon Hotels & Resorts
“Before we joined HyperGuest, we were dealing a lot with scalability challenges, as new integrations in the B2B landscape took months to implement. Working with HyperGuest helped us display our direct inventory to an enormous number of Tour Operators in just a few days!”
Dot Rewards
"As a result of connecting with HyperGuest, we were exposed to new agents who were previously unable to work with us due to difficulties in connecting to the PMS hotel management interface. We find that the HyperGuest interface is sophisticated and allows maximum flexibility when it comes to different policies based on segments, countries of origin, fees, etc."
Aliza Avishel, Revenue Manager
"We decided to collaborate with HyperGuest Channel in order to achieve more controlled and transparent distribution, reduce unnecessary commission costs, and minimize third-party intermediaries. Travel providers can confidently book our rooms in real time."
Ramón Regás, Director Comercial
"HyperGuest enables us to increase visibility and sales, as well as connect with new travel partners. We find HyperGuest's interface to be sophisticated and flexible when it comes to different rate structures based on segments, source markets, etc. We are confident that HyperGuest will help us increase awareness of B&B Hotels within the Travel Demand Partners and drive new revenues and customers."
Ammari Othmane, Senior Leisure Sales & E-Distribution Executive
"The main reason for choosing HyperGuest was the opportunities for new business partnerships through the marketplace, the availability and speed of the team in responding to connection requests, and the ease of processing and guaranteeing payments with partners."
Ricardo Vieira, Executive Commercial Director
"HyperGuest met all our requirements for connecting our hotels directly with B2B ecosystems!"
Anis Meghirbi, Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing
"HyperGuest helps us increase our brand visibility and reach a broader customer base."
Matthias Rud, Distribution and E-Commerce Manager
"We chose HyperGuest because its technology opens up markets around the world that were previously inaccessible to us."
Alex Löw, Project Manager Revenue
"We are confident that HyperGuest will help us build a recognizable brand and attract new revenues and customers."
Chatrada Nutrujirod, E-Commerce Manager
"We decided to connect to HyperGuest because we believe it is a tool that will facilitate communication and work dynamics between hotels and travel agencies. Fixed and dynamic rates connected to our rate distribution center make everything much easier and more agile!"
Jonathan Sutton Dabbah, Alvear Hoteles

Capture more bookings at low commissions.

Net-rate or commissionable, you’ll see higher margins and net RevPAR and maximise occupancy through HyperGuest, with no added fees or technology costs.
Stay in control
You set rates, terms, and policies and have full visibility to control and mitigate rate parity.
Skip the contracting hassles
There’s no pre-contracting necessary, but you have full flexibility to arrange special contracts or terms with individual partners.
Own the guest relationship
Transparent booking data lets you upsell and cross-sell to maximise the value of every guest.
Get set up effortlessly
HyperGuest integrates with your current systems and automates the entire partner relationship—at no added cost to you.
Get more bookings – HyperGuest B2B Hospitality Marketplace
More Control. Better Profit Margins –  HyperGuest Hospitality Marketplace

More control.
More profits.

Get the same easy process you enjoy with OTAs, but with higher margins, greater control, and full data transparency—the best of all worlds.
Core Features
Large OTA
Competitive rates
High Margin
No booking failure
No pre-contracting
Seamless reconciliation
Rich content, UX
AI Driven Optimisation

Easy onboarding

Rate & Availability – HyperGuest Hospitality Marketplace
Connect Rate & Availability. Automatically – via Channel Manager / PMS / CRS / switch.
Import Pictures & Amenities. Effortless – extract from existing online resources.
Define Policies & Terms. AI eliminates manual mapping.

“HyperGuest enables us to increase visibility and sales as well as connect with new partners!”

Corendon Hotels & Resorts

It's a win-win with HyperGuest

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