Distribution 2.0

Get Distribution 2.0 Working for You.

HyperGuest transforms the way hotels distribute their rooms by making it more transparent, controlled and profitable.Our cutting-edge technology provides hotels with cost-effective, fast and hassle-free connections to Demand Generators, all while giving them full control over their distribution.

Today, travel is becoming digital across the board, and the traveller’s journey begins with distribution - which is really the first step in creating a great experience.

Unfortunately, the current market is too disjointed and fragmented to allow innovation in hotel distribution. If an Accommodation Provider wants to try something new, time-to-connectivity may be measured in months and years. Innovation barriers are built into 'Distribution 1.0' market structure, but the opportunity is huge - we've seen from other markets how much value can be generated when barriers to innovation are brought down.

At HyperGuest, our vision is to make hotel distribution transparent, fully controlled, and much more profitable. We believe nothing should come between hotels and businesses selling rooms to guests.

We believe that sustainable accommodation distribution models should follow these guidelines:

Cost effective

Distribution 2.0 shall facilitate direct buying and selling, dramatically increasing margins for sellers and buyers alike. This means more value to those servicing the customer, less to intermediators, while the customer gets the right room at the right price.

Frictionless and fast

Innovation requires that new connections be made in days, not months. No need for coding, no caching, no extra mapping and no waiting months to start selling.

Let us sweat the details

Supply and demand providers shall be free to engage with no pre-contracting, yet keeping full control over rates, terms and policies.

HyperGuest Technology

Our technology is designed to enable full control by hoteliers, as well as competition and innovation on the Demand-Generation side. This solution drives rapid connectivity and new business models to flatten the Demand Generation Market.

Ready to move rooms at hyperspeed?

We are HyperGuest. A revolutionary new travel channel where rooms move at hyperspeed.

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