5 Game-Changing Factors Impacting TRVLR's Hospitality Business!

5 Game-Changing Factors Impacting TRVLR's Hospitality Business!

Read how TRVLR achieved operational efficiency and increase of revenue by utilizing HyperGuest.
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TRVLR is a modern e-commerce platform for luxury hotels. Marketing, distribution, bookings and commission settlement, all in a single platform.
In an exclusive conversation for our blog, Nicolas Peluffo, Founder & CEO at TRVLR, shares invaluable insights into how HyperGuest's automated solution enabled TRVLR to efficiently manage bookings, seize revenue opportunities, and deliver a superior experience to their customers.

TRVLR Challenges Before HyperGuest – Manual Processes and Static Data

Before teaming up with HyperGuest, TRVLR faced challenges accessing Availability, Rates, and Inventory (ARI) across distribution channels. Their manual booking systems were slow, unreliable, and error-prone, leading to lost revenue and unhappy customers. They needed a modern solution for real-time ARI data from multiple sources, seeking a partner for seamless integration with CRS and Channel Managers to stay competitive in the travel market.

HyperGuest’s Solution – Seamless Integration with Live Data

HyperGuest provided TRVLR with a fast, reliable, and comprehensive solution to their challenges. By offering seamless integration with leading Central Reservation Systems (CRS) and Channel Managers, HyperGuest facilitated real-time access to Availability, Rates, and Inventory (ARI) data from multiple sources. This eliminated the need for TRVLR to rely on outdated manual booking systems, reducing errors and streamlining their operations. With HyperGuest's automated solution, TRVLR was able to efficiently manage bookings, seize revenue opportunities, and deliver a superior experience to their customers.

How Using HyperGuest Helps TRVLR

  1. Better Data For Real-Time Booking:  
    HyperGuest operates at lightning speed. It's the industry's Ferrari of connectivity, pioneering while staying dependable. With HyperGuest, TRVLR isn't just keeping pace; they're setting the standard for swift, steadfast, and expansive service.
  2. Accelerating Operations:
    HyperGuest revolutionizes TRVLR's operations, propelling them from manual to real-time efficiency, and slashing through outdated processes for instant results. TRVLR isn't just embracing the future with HyperGuest; they're spearheading a new era of seamless transactions.
  3. Access to New Markets & New Offerings:
    With HyperGuest TRVLR's hotel inventory management, seamlessly aligns supply with demand. This partnership fuels exponential growth, transforming TRVLR's offerings into a vibrant and expansive landscape of accommodation choices.
  4. Increase in Travel Partners
    HyperGuest isn't just attracting demand partners for TRVLR; it's creating a gravitational pull that effortlessly draws them in. It's like witnessing a bustling metropolis form, with TRVLR's network expanding exponentially. Through HyperGuest, TRVLR is forging powerful alliances and propelling itself to greater heights.
  5. A True Partnership:
    From our visionary leaders to our dedicated staff, every member of the HyperGuest family is a superstar, here to assist in any way. It's not just about their roles; it's the passion, dedication, and camaraderie that bind us on this exhilarating journey. With HyperGuest and this powerhouse team, there's no limit to what TRVLR can achieve.

Special thank you to Nicolas Peluffo for sharing such valuable insights. If you are interested to learn more about HyperGuest and see how it can benefit your direct distribution strategy - Book your demo here!

HyperGuest has one true superpower: their people. It's been truly a pleasure working with this amazing team, everyone is very knowledgeable, super fast turnarounds and a yes attitude. That's priceless.

Nicolas Peluffo
Founder & CEO

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