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GP Solutions is an established global travel technology vendor. We have been present on the market for over 20 years. Our team provides both turnkey software products and custom development services for various businesses available on the travel market - tour operators, DMCs, TMCs, travel startups, online travel agencies and more. The uniqueness of our approach is in offering tailor-made digital transformation that matches business processes of our clients and solves specific issues.

Integration Features:
  • GP Travel Enterprise - a fully-featured ERP-class booking and reservation management platform, which is designed to cover all aspects of managing and selling travel services both offline and online, for B2C and B2B customers across the travel industry.
  • GP Travel Hub - a unified supplier API aggregator designed to bring structure and in-depth automation to integration with multiple travel product suppliers, including GDS, flight aggregators, bedbanks, wholesalers, OTAs, Channel Managers and other suppliers.
  • Custom Travel Software Development - In addition to off-the-shelf solutions, we provide custom travel software development services that encompass the entire process, starting from the initial analysis to the Live launch and maintenance.

The products consists of 6 key functional blocks each covering its own part of business:

  1. Hub - API aggregator connecting the platform to numerous 3rd-party travel service vendors: GDSs, bedbanks, wholesalers and other suppliers;
  2. B2B - a set of modules governing sales to legal entities - corporate clients and travel agents;
  3. B2C - functionality designed for building customer-facing booking websites, booking forms and etc;
  4. Enterprise Management - includes modules to manage bookings, business rules; contains CRM, financial, analytical and other useful functionality to manage and monitor day-to-day business performance;
  5. Gateways - includes an API for external integrations + ready-made connections to multiple ancillary services;
  6. Inventory - a module designed for handling content and availability data of travel products available for sale.
HyperGuest Activation steps
  1. Reach out to HyperGuest team asking to connect.
  2. After signing the contract, HyperGuest will provide you with the required credentials.
  3. The connection to HyperGuest through GP Solutions is available via both GP Travel Hub and GP Travel Enterprise. Reach out to for any other questions.