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Unlocking the power of seamless hospitality with AxisRooms.
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AxisRooms is a complete suite of products for the hospitality industry.

Integration Features:
  • Channel Manager: Effectively Manage Inventory of rooms
  • Revenue Management Solution: Generate more revenue through automation
  • Rate Shopper : Keep track of competitor space
  • Sell more rooms, increase occupancy, and boost revenues
  • Drive indirect bookings via 50+ OTAs
  • Get more direct bookings from 2+ metasearch engines
  • Accept reservations in 29+ currencies
  • Confirm, cancel, view all your bookings from different OTAs in one place
  • Manage your rates with just one click
  • Avoid manually updating multiple distribution channels
  • Save time and reduce errors
  • Ensure rate parity across sales channels, including OTAs, metasearch engines, etc., and manages promotions/offers
  • Update your hotel information across all the connected sales with up-to-date and high-quality content/images.
  • Reach targeted markets with a stronger online presence.
  • Implement relevant revenue strategies
  • Deploy dynamic pricing strategies based on seasonality, occupancy, and length of stay for enhanced RevPAR
  • Implement upselling and upgrading tactics for the right guest at the right time with the right price for more revenue realisation
  • Keep track of no shows and cancellations, etc., either to adjust rates or offer discounts to drive confirmed bookings
  • Track demand and forecast
  • Monitor trends, demand, supply, and other critical market scenarios to spot possible revenue enhancement scopes
  • Analyze reports like market segments, channel performance, etc., to make a data-backed pricing strategy
  • Measure your hotel’s online reputation
  • Compare your hotel’s online review and ratings with your competitor set
  • Increasing price if your hotel’s online reputation scores over competitions
  • Drive more direct bookings from your hotel website and social media pages
  • Enhance your average booking value with commission-free reservations
  • Reduce your average cost of distribution
  • Increase your brand’s online visibility with a quicker and safer reservation process
  • Make the best use of an upselling/cross-selling strategy
  • Configure and promote targeted packages/add-ons to attract guests, sell more, and earn more
  • Gain flexibility in pricing your rooms with dependent rooms and rate plans
  • State your booking/cancellation/refund policies clearly, win your guests’ trust
  • Get control over guest details for targeted marketing campaigns
  • Let guests book with you easily using their smartphones
  • Deal with booking abandonment issues efficiently
  • Manage the end-to-end booking process.
HyperGuest Activation steps

To activate Hotels using AxisRooms channel manager, the hotel need to submit a request to AxisRooms support team and ask to activate HyperGuest channel.

The support team will enable the connection via the hotel ID.