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Booklogic was formed in 2004 by IT experts with a hotel background, with the goal of increasing online and offline revenue for hotels and other lodging providers using customized software solutions.With three locations today—one in Germany, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates—and a global network of 200 partners, we have solidified our position as a market leader by providing the newest hotel and travel distribution systems and marketing services. With the ability to enhance tried-and-true revenue-maximizing principles and the support of cutting-edge technology, Booklogic now provides 13 different products and services to more than 6000 clients across more than 50 countries, with an estimated 5 million rooms being made available every day through our sophisticated central reservation and distribution systems.

Integration Features:
  • Central Reservation System: Using BookLogic CRS, you can manage over 350 channels from a single panel, including metasearch engines, OTAs, GDSs, IDSs, and even offline travel agencies. You can swiftly manage the availability, booking engine, pricing, inventory, and multimedia content on those channels and make immediate adjustments without having to worry about every single channel. In-depth reports from BookLogic CRS give you a detailed picture of your bookings and revenue so you can easily manage your business strategy while taking into account recent industry developments. You may create one-of-a-kind offers and dynamically change your prices by using Rate Lizard Master. Additionally, you can offer different prices and availability for different regions using the IP-based pricing and availability feature! Make use of CRS's tremendous powers to improve your occupancy rate and profit
  • Centralized yet efficient management: BookLogic Hospitality Solution has an industry-leading Hotel CRS, the root of all our outclass hotel management solutions. Its exclusive application structure integrates high end technology and up-to-date user-friendly features to cater the hotel industry with the most robust, flexible and simple reservation and distribution system for instant reservation solutions.
  • Unlock your hotels potential: It helps you connect with all of your distribution streams from different web portals to Global Distribution Systems, to Online Travel Agencies and Meta search Engines like Orbitz, Hotwire, Priceline, Travelocity, Expedia, ehotel, Destinations of the World, Google Hotel Ads, etc. In short, with BookLogic you can increase your visibility and sales without any extra amount, effort or time.
  • Aligned to fulfill your business needs: It enables you to push your recent promotions, updated rates and range of rooms to all potential guests who prefer booking online or offline with the reservation module. It is completely web-based and easy to implement hospitality tool that requires minimal hardware and offers unlimited global access. All essential working components are carefully designed to offer you support and accuracy, while its multi-functional design offers unlimited virtual accessibility, visibility, and scalability.
  • Focus on User Experience: Our Central Reservation system is designed to enable the best possible experience for its customers. There is no wasting time on clicking around or having trouble finding your way to manage accommodations. When we created BookLogic CRS, we wanted a simple user interface that is intuitive and easy to access, and that is precisely what we delivered.
  • Connect to Different Content Selling Channels: With BookLogic CRS, you get a single interface that is connected to numerous channels you can use to sell your rooms. The list includes metasearch engines, online travel agencies, GDSs and IDSs. You also have the option of connecting to offline travel agencies to facilitate offline selling.
  • Comprehensive reports: Our Central Reservation System provides insightful reports to analyze visitors’ behavioral patterns. By knowing more about them, you can come up with actionable ideas to improve customer retention and increase loyalty.
  • Increased profit: Special offers and the ability to highlight them, as well as allowing the users to book additional services with the package, present the perfect way to boost your profit with BookLogic CRS.
  • A huge time-saver: The crucial advantage of BookLogic CRS is that it allows you to manage everything in a single panel. You can manage the booking engine, rates and pricing, inventory, multimedia content, etc. This is extremely convenient and enables you to save a lot of time.
  • Tailored to users and customers from around the world. Both those that manage BookLogic CRS and those booking through it will appreciate the ability to use multiple languages and currencies. At this point, we have 29 currencies and more than 32 languages available, which facilitate a true global expansion of your hotel.
  • Turn your website into a mini-Expedia and sell flight packages to earn from your own Package and Opaque programsB2B Travel Agent Module allows you to build and grow your own B2B travel agent networks just like giants in the industryB2B Corporate Module allows you to boost your company and corporate sales from your own B2B dashboard.
  • Integration with major PMSs like Protel, Fidelio, Opera, etc.
  • Rate Lizard Master Rate to ease rate management.
  • Dynamic Policies Module makes it simple to define discounts and constraints.
  • Dynamic Inventory & Rate Management facilitates automated management of your R&A.
  • Strong Reporting Facility – up to 100 different reports available
  • Strong Google Analytics integration for better conversion tracking
  • Internationalized Tax & Fees Module
  • Market Manager lets you manage IP-based pricing and availability for different countries and regions
  • Payment Infrastructure – payment gateway integrations and automated charging for various sales channels: Integrate your own payment gateway for all your online and offline sales including your website,, Expedia, Google, GDSs, etc.
  • Integrate your payment gateway into your booking engine- Offer your guests and bookers a link to pay online prior to their arrival with a unique payment page.
  • Automated charging of your channel manager bookings.
  • GDs and IDS: The BookLogic Hotel Distribution System is well known for giving its users outstanding results. The system has proven to be capable of providing 200 million rooms every night, all year long. The system combines the use of efficient network tools like the GDS Global Distribution System and the Internet Distribution System in order to offer its contents the most exposure across a wide variety of networks on the internet (IDS). In other words, the user gets a ton of visibility that is specifically targeted, which leads lot a ton of bookings and conversions.
  • Review Reputation: In order to strengthen your weaknesses and raise client satisfaction, BookLogic's Brand Manager computes the average rating of your hotel across a number of categories, including location, service, and housekeeping. Additionally, it enables you to engage with your visitors more actively because you will be alerted when they leave comments on your website, allowing you to immediately reply, share, flag, or comment on such postings. You shouldn't be concerned about missing out on your property being mentioned on popular social networking and new media sites.
  • Rate shopper: Utilize the cutting-edge system provided by BookLogic to track tens of thousands of channels, including regional and global hotel websites and online travel agencies, and to raise your online reservation and conversion rates. It is possible to provide the "Best Rate Guarantee" while maintaining the credibility, reliability, and dependability of your company. You get 9 specific pricing recommendations and tactical ideas from Hotel Rate Shopper & Compare Manager. You can quickly monitor changes in demand and price to maintain a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • Meta search integration: Get your hotel listed and promoted on the most popular travel websites worldwide! The best meta-search engines in the world, like as Skyscanner, Trivago, TripAdvisor, and Google Hotel Ads, are connected with BookLogic. With their help, you can boost your direct bookings, exposure, and popularity while enhancing how people perceive your business.
HyperGuest Activation steps

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