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BookLogic was founded in 2004 with the goal of maximizing online and offline earnings for hotels and other lodging providers by bridging the distribution and booking technology gap. With the assistance of its offices in Germany, Istanbul, and Dubai as well as its international partners, it provides lodging providers, online and offline travel agencies, and tour operators across the globe with technology solutions that maximize revenue and profitability in the hospitality and travel industries. By connecting hotels and travel agencies, BookLogic is a significant travel technology platform that develops and supports cutting-edge, user-friendly solutions that promote efficient running operations and increase brand recognition. Through its rapid and efficient travel technology solutions, BookLogic has become an industry leader and offers a marketplace platform, making life easier for its customers and partners. The potential of your travel agency is unlocked by developing a strong brand identity and enhancing your web presence globally through BookLogic's wide range of connections & integrations via BookLogic's cutting-edge platform.

Integration Features:
  • XRS Central Reservation System: With BookLogic CRS, you can control more than 350 channels, including metasearch engines, OTAs, GDSs, IDSs, and even offline travel agencies, from a single panel. Without having to worry about every single channel, you can quickly manage the availability, booking engine, pricing, inventory, and multimedia content on those channels and make quick adjustments. You can simply manage your business plan while taking into account current industry trends thanks to BookLogic CRS's in-depth reports that provide you with a clear picture of your bookings and revenue. Using Rate Lizard Master, you can generate unique deals and adjust your rates on the go. The IP-based pricing and availability capability also allows you to provide various rates and levels of availability for various geographical areas! Utilize CRS's impressive capabilities to increase your occupancy.
  • Better Channel Management: Hotels can manage their presence across numerous online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution systems (GDS), and direct booking channels from a single platform with an XRS central reservation system. It makes it easier to manage prices, choices, and limitations while assuring accuracy and uniformity across all distribution channels.
  • Streamlined Booking Process: Hotels can combine all of their available rooms and pricing into a single system by using an XRS central reservation system. The ability to monitor real-time availability and make bookings fast and easily simplifies the booking process for visitors. It saves time and effort by removing the need for visitors to get in touch with particular hotels or outside booking services.
  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity: Many manual procedures are automated by an XRS central reservation system, including updating the hotel inventory, confirming reservations, and reporting. As a result, hotel staff members have less administrative work to do and can concentrate more on giving guests a better experience. Additionally, the approach minimizes the possibility of duplication or overbooking, improving operational effectiveness.
  • Reporting and Analytics: An XRS central reservation system offers thorough reports and analytics, giving hotels useful information about the functioning of their company. They can use data analysis to make wise decisions and enhance operational strategies by looking at booking trends, revenue trends, guest demographics, and other information.
  • MaxiBooking Hotel Booking Engine: The BookLogic MaxiBooking Engine boosts your property's exposure, income, and brand recognition. With the use of its incredibly straightforward 2-step booking process, it helps to maximize the conversion rate for your property. In the same way, your official website is accessible on your hotel's domain, and so is MaxiBooking Engine. Both the functionality and the design can be changed. Because it will seem to be your official website, potential guests will be able to tell that the booking engine is a part of your hotel website and feel secure placing their bookings. Customers won't even be aware that our external booking engine is there on your main website.
  • GDS/IDS: The BookLogic Hotel Distribution System is renowned for providing its users with excellent outcomes. It has been demonstrated that the system can deliver 200 million rooms per night, all year long. The system combines the use of effective network technologies such as the GDS Global Distribution System and the Internet Distribution System (IDS) in order to provide its contents with the most exposure across a wide range of networks on the internet. In other words, the user receives an enormous amount of targeted visibility, which results in an enormous amount of reservations and conversions.
  • Hotel Brand Manager: In order to strengthen your weaknesses and raise client satisfaction, BookLogic's Brand Manager computes the average rating of your hotel across a number of categories, including location, service, and housekeeping. Additionally, it enables you to engage with your visitors more actively because you will be alerted when they leave comments on your website, allowing you to immediately reply, share, flag, or comment on such postings. You shouldn't be concerned that your home won't be mentioned on popular social networking and new media platforms that are significant to society.
  • Hotel Rate Shopper and Compare Manager: Hotel Rate Shopper & Compare Manager offers you 9 unique pricing options as well as strategic considerations. You can quickly monitor changes in demand and price to maintain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Utilize the cutting-edge system provided by BookLogic to track tens of thousands of channels, including regional and global hotel websites and online travel agencies, and to raise your online reservation and conversion rates. It is possible to provide the "Best Rate Guarantee" while maintaining the credibility, honesty, and morality of your company.
  • MaxiChannel Manager: By enabling you to control pricing and availability across all sales channels and zones from a single, user-friendly interface, MaxiChannel Manager streamlines administration. Despite the fact that it wasn't your goal, you won't have to be concerned about overbooking problems in the future. Manual availability control will spare you from having to turn away consumers in addition to protecting your reputation and business. MaxiChannel Manager contributes to revenue growth while preserving your clients' trust and boosting your company's brand.
  • Metasearch Integration: Get your hotel listed and promoted on the most popular travel websites worldwide! You can raise your direct bookings, visibility, and appeal while enhancing the perception of your brand with BookLogic's Metasearch Integrations.BookLogic integrates with the top meta-search engines in the world, including Skyscanner, Trivago, TripAdvisor, and Google Hotel Ads.
  • Metasearch Marketing: Get direct access to the most well-known hotel meta-search engines, including Wego, Kayak, and Idealo in addition to Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, Trivago, and Skyscanner. Due to the constant connectivity of all of these meta-search engines to BookLogic CRS, billions of hotel data points, including rates and availability, can be quickly distributed to all of them. You can make all of your stock available and sell them via their broad network. Additionally, it makes you more visible and enables you to spend your marketing budget for hotel meta-search advertising more wisely. You may build your own clientele, market your hotel, and draw targeted traffic to your website with BookLogic's hotel meta-search marketing.
  • Travel Agency Software: Travel agency software with a booking system for travel agents is offered by a specialized solution called BookLogic. In order to provide companies and independent travel agency owners with unmatched travel management services, it was founded. It is a website that provides a compiled list of thorough booking engines for accommodations, hotel transfers, flights, vehicles, transfers, outings, boat rentals, yachts, tailor-made packages, dynamic packages, and various other tourism-related activities.
HyperGuest Activation steps

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