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Djubo is a cloud-based property management platform for hotels of all sizes. From managing room inventory on various online channels to simplifying everyday hotel management, Djubo does it all for you from a single user-friendly interface. Improved analytics, automated channel management, co-ordination with the front office and sales desk, customizable website templates, and online booking engine are just some of the productive features that Djubo offers.

Integration Features:
  • PMS: Cloud Property Management System that brings unprecedented efficiency to your hotel operations.Use as a standalone PMS or connect it to the DJUBO Sales & Distribution platforms, to make hotel operations simple and efficient.
  • CRS: A single dashboard to manage hotel sales from all online & offline channels.
  • Channel Manager: Simplify distribution of hotel room inventory across OTAs.
  • Booking  & Payment Engine: A booking engine integrated with a Hotel CRS and Channel Manager, simplifies management, by ensuring that your booking engine inventory stays updated and any reservations from your booking engine gets synced across to your other sales channels, without any manual intervention.
  • Meta-search Advertising: Reach out to a whole new audience with pay-per-booking advertisement on our partner platforms: Google and Tripadvisor.
  •  Cloud-based mobile Point of Sale: Easy to set-up, rich in features, and simple to use, DJUBO PoS removes all the complication from managing your hotel outlets and services be it your restaurant or laundry.
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Intelligent Revenue Manager 
  • Sales Analytics Suite 
  • Self Check-In Application 
  • Web Check-In System
HyperGuest Activation steps

1. HyperGuest team creates the property's account profile in the HyperGuest systems.  
2. The hotel connects HyperGuest to the channel manager by entering HyperGuest credentials or providing the channel manager with access to the HyperGuest account through API keys or other means. 
3.  HyperGuest tests the connection with the hotel to ensure that bookings and updates are being handled correctly.
4. HyperGuest and Djubo's connection is activated and ready for bookings.