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With the help of AI, Big Data, mapping and other technologies, Gimmonix brings together interactions and data exchange. We help simplify the mapping process, improve decision-making, and automate tech communication between companies, teams and distributors for travel enterprises.
Gimmonix is the leading travel tech innovator offering a unique technology blend that makes all business interaction processes easy and effective.

Integration Features:
  • Travolutionary: end-to-end travel solution which is a robust all in one hotel aggregation platform with hundreds of hotel suppliers, built in data normalization and granular controls for product display and revenue management.
  • Normalized hotel and room content, and rates to improve conversion.
  • Configurable and automated revenue management to ensure competitive and profitable offering Real time analytics and actionable insights to optimize performance.
  • Universal standardized API to get suppliers activated in hours, not months.
  • Dock: Dock enables hotel supply and demand partners to connect easily, directly and locally with no technical intermediaries! The solution that Demand partners install into their IT stack comes with built-in connectivity drivers. It is those drivers that make the connectivity direct between Demand and Supply partners.
  • Mapping.Works: Hotel Mapping for Inventory Suppliers. Mapping.Works ensures your hotel inventory is correctly mapped and represented across your entire distribution network effortlessly and automatically
  • Room.Works:The Room.Works API is a stream API that lets you send a single Hotel ID with all room names from different content providers you work with. The API will return a mapped and structured output under the same Hotel ID, with a Room ID and Room Name.Room.Works gives you access to room-level catalogs that include room content and IDs across multiple providers. Forget about having to choose just one supplier—present the entire inventory in a smart way. Use room mapping to describe your inventory properly and drive conversions.
  • Kodo: Effortless cross-company collaboration. Kodo opens up a new world of opportunities in B2B relationships by intelligently collecting two-sided data, processing it and delivering actionable insights. It enables companies working in partnership to quickly align on mutual goals by surfacing insights on key metrics and business relationship indicators. Essentially Kodo empowers companies todo better together, by making it easy to understand the ‘health’ of their B2B relationship and surface actionable insights on both sides to maximize mutual opportunities
HyperGuest Activation steps

To activate HyperGuest please send a ticket to Gimmonix support team at