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Hey!Travel is a cloud-based solution that empowers hoteliers and hosts worldwide with a platform that aims to increase revenue and operational efficiency. Our innovative set of tools has been created and developed by market specialists to help property and hotel managers convert more bookings and revenue.

Integration Features:
  • Hey!Channel Manager - With Hey!Channel Manager it is possible to showcase and manage all your properties on a cloud-based platform that aims to help hoteliers and hosts maximize their occupancy, increase operational efficiency, and, of course, revenue.
    Key features: Real-Time Synchronization, Centralization of Inventory, Integration with PMS, Automated Distribution Rules and many more.
  • Hey!Booking Engine - Hey!Booking Engine transforms your website into your own channel loved by your guests, with no third-party commissions.
    Key features: User-Centered Design, Upselling Feature, Analytics Section, Seamless Payment Experience, Automated Guest Communications.
  • Hey!Card - Hey!Card is an integrated solution that allows the creation, management and selling of voucher cards. Increase immediate revenue by selling property services through online and offline channels.Key features:Unique and Secure Voucher Codes, Simplified Payments, Upsell Add-on to Hotel's Website, PMS Integration and more.
HyperGuest Activation steps

In the Integrations section of Hey!Channel Manager, the customer must add the HyperGuest channel and complete the steps using the channel connection assistant.