Hotel Availabilities

Simplifying hotel's Online Distribution.
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HotelAvailabilities Cloud hotel channel management system provides essential features to help the hoteliers manage the online distribution efficiently and quickly - without delays, errors, or parity problems. The streamlined features let the revenue or sales managers be more productive, as well as the hotel staff can log in to perform basic tasks with ease. With HotelAvailabilities Cloud hotel channel management, your channels are always up-to-date. Availability, prices and restrictions are sent automatically from HotelAvailabilities to the channels.

Integration Features:
  • Integration to Hotel Booking Engines.
  • Modify rates and automatically update across multiple channels.
  • Centralized management or individually channel management (rates, availabilities, restrictions).
  • Cloud Based; no installation required.
  • Avoid overbooking and boost sales.
  • Booking Reports / Channel Segmentation.
  • API available for 2-way connection with PMS, RMS, CMS.
  • Improve Hotel's occupancy and profits.
  • Create your own package, according to your hotel's needs.
  • Payment and Invoicing module.
  • Multi Property Functionality for Hotel Chains and Hotel Management Companies.
HyperGuest Activation steps

1. Activate HyperGuest on on the Hotel Availabilities app, by choosing it from the channels list.
2. Provide the Hotel ID. 
3. Hotel Availabilities will contact HyperGuest for enabling the connection for each hotel.