Bringing hotels, travel agencies & service providers together online to boost sales.
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HotelRunner is a SaaS-enabled unified sales, operations, and distribution management platform and B2B market network for accommodations, travel agencies, and payment providers.
HotelRunner underpins the world’s hospitality industry with its SaaS-enabled unified sales, operations, and distribution management platform, AI-driven solutions, and worldwide market network.
We offer a wide spectrum of products and services targeting all types of properties, whether resort hotels to independent properties and vacation rentals. We help our partners to run full-scale digital operations and increase their occupancy rates and profitability while minimizing manual work saving them the effort and time needed to take care of their business and guests.
Our B2B network allows our partners to find, connect, and transact with each other online at scale, processing more than 35 million transactions daily between properties, travel agencies, travelers, and payment gateways. Our technology provides hospitality industry players with a complete set of tools to digitally transform their business making them more efficient, more visible, and more profitable.

Integration Features:
  • Website Builder
  • Booking Engine
  • Channel Manager
  • PMS
  • Rate intelligence
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Business Intelligence and Insights
  • Promotion Engine
  • GRM
  • Group Hotels Management
  • Online Hotel Marketing
  • Finance and Payments
  • Mobile Bookings
  • Custom Apps and Integrations
  • Autopilot
HyperGuest Activation steps

1. On HotelRunner system go to Channels > Online Travel Agencies > HyperGuest

2. Use HyperGuest ID to start connection.

3. Make the mapping for Room & Rate Types.

4.Activate the connection.