Balanced and Centralized Distribution.
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At Hotetec we develop technology for the distribution and online sales of hotel establishments. We develop solutions that suit each and every need of a hotel or chain, covering the entire distribution and sales process. Hotetec is part of the Dome Consulting group, leader in technology and state-of-the-art tourism software.

Hotetec is 100% dedicated to the hotel industry, offering integrated solutions to increase sales, maximize visibility and optimize the relationship with distribution channels. All the commercialization is integrated: direct sales, online and offline. Our in-house developed technology makes us flexible and adaptable. The business model is the one that best suits the hotel: your success is ours and we are hoteliers, we know what we are talking about.

Five reasons to choose Hotetec:

1. It allows independent hotels and small and medium-sized chains to access the latest technology used by the big ones.

2. It has no entry costs or monthly fees. It's win-win. When you win, we win.

3. You have an expert agent with personalized attention that will help you sell more.

4. We are independent, which assures you that we work only for your interests.

5. We offer you a global solution: Direct Sales: Web, Mobile and Call Center. Online Sales through third parties.

Integration Features:
  • Channel Manager: Our solution offers a balanced and centralized distribution by combining Revenue Management, our extensive knowledge of the industry and the appropriate technology. This will allow your hotel to implement a balanced distribution strategy and optimize your sales, all under one integrated solution.

    Our strengths: From a centralized platform, we unify and link your hotel with the main operators that generate a high volume of bookings. This allows us to optimize your online visibility and, consequently, attract more customers to your establishment.
  • Online Sales Management: All the commercialization is integrated: direct sales, online and offline.We offer tailor-made solutions in Revenue Management, sourcing, consulting and marketing designed specifically to suit your hotel's needs.

    Our strengths: We examine daily data and market status, including details such as which products have been sold, through which channels, at what price and by what delivery date (pick up). We make forecasts.
  • Web design: We focus our creativity on enhancing your main direct sales channel. We use an attractive, intuitive, responsive and customized web design that guarantees a positive experience for visitors. In addition, we ensure that the website is fully compatible and adaptable to different devices and screen sizes, offering a fluid navigation on any device. We understand that your website is more than a sales tool: it is your virtual storefront that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That's why we strive to highlight and promote your product effectively on the web, so you can convert visitors into customers. We also ensure that your website has a fast and flexible booking engine, making the booking process easier for users and maximizing your sales opportunities.

    Our strengths: Our approach is to maximize the potential of your website as a strategic sales and promotion channel, ensuring that it properly represents your brand and attracts your target customers effectively.
  • Digital Marketing: We are a team of professional experts in developing your business strategy in the digital space. We work with real-time data that help us to understand at all times how our clients' business is developing and we apply our know-how and experience, combining distribution with the marketing ecosystem.

    Our strengths: Our approach focuses on boosting your business in a comprehensive way. We help you increase your visibility through a strong multichannel presence, allowing you to reach more customers and generate more direct sales. In addition, we optimize the efficiency of your investment by designing a global strategy that makes the most of your resources. In our work, performance analysis is of critical relevance. We constantly evaluate data to measure the impact of our actions and make necessary adjustments. This allows us to increase the visibility of our customers, open new sales channels adapted to different user profiles and thus reduce distribution costs.
  • Booking engine: With our booking engine, your customers will discover a new way to book. It is more focused on conversion and retargeting than ever before, and this makes it unique in the market because, among other things :
    - It reduces customer waiting time to 0.
    - It always and at all times displays an available product and additional options to it.
    - It displays the maximum number of options by taking maximum advantage of the visual area of each device.
    - Displays the actual price at all times.

    Our strengths: Power and versatility. Constantly evolving, Hotetec's booking engine brings together the ability to calculate multiple rate combinations, the power of commercial policies and business rules, as well as the versatility required by each project to adapt the engine to its style and strategy. Our system is reliable, consolidated, easy and intuitive, and includes constant upgrades: multilingual, multi-currency, valued calendar, alternative availability system...
HyperGuest Activation steps

HyperGuest is connected to Hotetec as another channel within Hotetc's Channel Manager. Therefor, Hotel can activate the HyperGuest channel through Hotetec by mapping the rates and rooms that are loaded and available for sale. For help, you can reach out to