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Complete Solution for Tour Operators.
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Infotravel is a technology platform for online booking of hotels, flights, tickets, cars, circuits, transfers, insurance, and more.Infotravel is designed to simplify the sale of tourist services in an easy and efficient way, providing fast and accurate quotations, online reservations, allowing to manage profit margins and commissions, multiple distribution channels in order to increase the sales of the client. The company was Founded in 2008 by Infotera Tecnologia.

Integration Features:
  • Automate Operations - Reduce costs with the confirmation process and automatic consultation from suppliers.
  • Expanding Sale channels -Increase your sales by easily adding and managing different sales channels. 
  • Cloud Software - Keeping the solution up-to-date in operation with 24-7 performance monitoring.
HyperGuest Activation steps
  1. The Tour Operator requests the HyperGuest team to provide the access credential for the channel. 
  2. The Tour Operator opens a ticket in Infotera, asking to activate the HyperGuest Channel.