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Advanced Cloud applications for Hotels, Agritourism and B&Bs
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iperbooking by iper.net offers a powerful and easy to use All-in-One cloud solution for Hotels.
An amazing booking engine to improve online direct reservation, an easy CRM, a 2 Way Channel Manager and an intuitive Web Based PMS.

Integration Features:
  • ALL-IN-ONE: Unity is strength, and with iperbooking, you can have a complete tool to efficiently manage your property. A high-performance Booking Engine, a practical CRM, and a reliable Channel Manager that work seamlessly integrated with our constantly updated new Property Management System.
  • MODULAR FLEXIBLE: With iperbooking, you can integrate our modules with the applications you already use. Do you already have a PMS and want to connect it to our exceptional Booking Engine? You can do it, just like you can expand the functionalities of our All-in-One with other software such as RMS or home automation systems. With us, you'll find the freedom that others don't offer.
  • EVERYTHING EASY. VERY EASY: Our customers greatly appreciate the ease and intuitiveness of iperbooking. This ease saves you time and helps improve productivity in your accommodation property, from small B&Bs to hotel chains.
  • CLOUD EXPERTS: Since 1995, we have been developing cloud applications that can be used anywhere, on any device, for all types of accommodation facilities. We have unique, extensive, and in-depth knowledge of technology, also recognized thanks to original patents.
  • MORE SUPPORT, MORE SATISFACTION: With iperbooking, you have access to exceptional customer service, with phone consultation always ready to help you make the most of the program. Once again, our "on-the-field" experience is a significant advantage.
HyperGuest Activation steps

Hotels that are using iperbooking, and are interested to activate the HyperGuest channel, should reach out to iperbooking support team at supporto@iperbooking.com. The team will activate the HyperGuest channel, and in a few hours the property will be connected.