Travel Compositor

The only real holistic system to create, quote, book and sell trips.
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Travel Compositor is a total innovation, a digital travel composer that will allow any company in the tourist industry to sell combined packages online, mixing in one session any service the consumer will need to create his/her own ideal journey. Travel Compositor features tools to book flights, hotels and land services in multiple destinations, mixing them and, at the same time, searching for the best price combination between them, something never seen on the Internet. A worldwide exclusive that will enable any end user to create complex packages in only few clicks, avoiding a huge waste of time in the process.

Integration Features:
  • Multiagregator, multimodal and multiservice
  • Custom and algorithm selection
  • Multi Data
  • More than one hundred of supplier integrations
  • Social and chat networks fully connected
  • Digital and dynamic brochures
  • Create your own banners, products and campaigns through CMS
  • Offer billions of dynamic packages for every user
  • Control any kind of business rules, fees and commissions
  • Control over users, quotes, sales, suppliers, costs, figures…
  • Analyze reports and big data
  • Custom implementation
  • Compose, plan, quote and book
  • Save 90% of users time
  • Multi device
  • Add to your travel all the services you need, from 1 to 100 in just one session of payment!
  • Our Digital distribution models: B2B, B2C, B2B2C and C2B2C
HyperGuest Activation steps
  1. Reach out to HyperGuest team asking to connect.
  2. After signing the contract, HyperGuest will provide you with the required credentials.
  3. Send the Travel Compositor team a request to enable HyperGuest and attached the HyperGuest credentials.
  4. Configure the fees and run a last check for activation on Travel Compositor back office.