On a mission to democratize the travel industry.
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TravelgateX is an online B2B marketplace on a mission to democratize the travel industry.
With over 1000 Partners already connected, TravelgateX simplifies connectivity with easy to integrate APIs that make search, compare and book travel products in real-time a real breeze. TravelgateX solution is a complete ecosystem of travel connections, democratizing and simplifying sourcing & distribution.

Integration Features:
  • Hotel Pull connection: Your personalized request system. Our powerful aggregation solution allows you to get results from the largest network of hotel sellers with just one request. Expand your catalog of hotel booking services and improve hotel search times and accuracy by customizing aggregated responses based on your preferred criteria.
  • Hotel Push connection: Have always the most complete and updated inventory in a unique standardized API. We grant unparalleled time-to-market and scalability together with complete ownership of your integration and the highest level of control and transparency over all transactions.
  • Direct contracts: Connect seamlessly to 40+ Channel Managers and manage your own stock in a beautifully simple solution. In our extranet we will give you the tools to set up hotels, rates and rooms contracted with the hoteliers, create user accesses for your providers and check your bookings, between other options.
  • Hotel+ Solutions: Adding value and increasing revenue to our Partners without the need for another API development.
  • Hotel mapping: Through collaboration with multiple partners such as GIATA, TravelgateX integrates 3rd party mapping providers to the market network.
  • Hotel transfers: Create a frictionless door to door experience by easily adding the transfer option to the hotel booking, avoiding yet another API Integration.
HyperGuest Activation steps

Logging into the TravelgateX marketplace, following the recommendations of our tools and our Growth team.