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cloud-based, all-in-one integrated platform for optimizing your online distribution, tools for managing small properties to streamline operations and grow revenue, and deliver memorable guest experiences. No lock-in contract. Free Trial. Cancel anytime.

Advanced Channel Manager with unique features on the market like soft-release of availability, integrated with advanced Revenue Manager for daily dynamic pricing correction with target goal (increasing revenue in time of high demand and acting smart in time of low demand). Connected with advanced Google certified Booking engine which can fully integrate into any website, under hotel's domain, hotels website header and footer (full brandawareness). Hotels usually continue working with their PMS, but small properties can use our PMS for complete operations like invoicing, payments, managing offers and housekeeping.

Integration Features:
  • Integrated Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Revenue Manager for any size properties and PMS for small properties.
  • Unique Channel Manager features on the market.
  • PMS/CRS Integration– if the integration is not existing, we can develop it or participate in costs of creating integration.
  • No commissions – neither for OTA/GDS reservations nor for direct reservations came from Booking Engine – even from Google!
  • Booking engine is integrating into hotel's domain and hotel's website – fully brand awareness – header and footer and domain are same as for other pages.
  • Support via Email, WhatsApp, Telegram.
  • Created by hotel and vacant rentals owners. Continuous development according to client needs and requirements.
  • There are no hidden commissions, hidden costs for new features development.
  • Free "onboarding" - first setup of the property and establishing OTA/GDS connections.
  • "Painless" transition from another Channel Manager system.
  • More than 350 Channels available.
HyperGuest Activation steps

Activating HyperGuest can be done by the hotel. If the hotel is interested in activating the connection, they should reach out to info@webbookingpro.com and the support team will provide them with further information regarding the process.