Can I mark and transmit the BAR?

Yes, you can (and should)!

Our platform allows you to mark one rate-plan or a few rate plans as “BAR” (ex. BAR for flexible cancelation policy and BAR of non-refundable etc.).

For each rate we “send”, we will also “send” the BAR and by that, the demand partner will be able to keep intact your rate parity.

In addition to other measures contributing to the enforcement rate-parity, all and any of the demand partners take firm commitment as follows:

Accommodation providers have a tremendous vested interest in controlling their rates (to maintain and protect “Rate Parity” across various channels etc. and to avoid rate leakages and disparity across various channels).

Hence the Travel Provider acknowledges, represents, and warrants that the Travel Provider will always honor the BAR restrictions and never and under no circumstances will the Travel Provider, directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally, display, publish, or offer rates that are lower than the BAR on any Open Site (whether these sites are operated or managed by the Travel Provider or by any of its third-party customers). The Travel Provider holds full responsibility for the above and in case of a breach, in addition to, any other remedies, the Accommodation Provider will have the right to cancel bookings made in breach. The Travel Provider is fully responsible for any/all damages that will occur to the Accommodation Provider due to a breach of the above-said obligations.  

For this section (and the agreement), the following terms shall have the following meanings:

“Best Available Rate (BAR)”: is the rate/s indicated by the Accommodation Provider as such (with the meaning that these are the rate/s which the Travel Provider needs to honor and MUST NOT undercut on any Open Site).

“Open site”: any online website, mobile app, etc. that is generally open for the public and can be accessed freely by consumers, users, etc.

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