Can we control the distribution?

Yes, by all means!

Our platform provides a very easy and friendly interface that allows you to fully control and manage your distribution map, apply various tactics and strategies to take control over your destiny.

You can do nothing or very little and “let nature take its course”, meaning open yourself to the world and start receiving reservations from various demand partners (travel providers) and as our platform deploy full transparency, you will know exactly the identity (and all the information, including contact details) of these bookers.

Or you can be much more precise and granular, via a very easy, intuitive, and simple process, literally by just a few clicks, you can control the following and more:

Tweak and adjust across the board, all or some of your rate plans (by adding a certain fix or percentage amount to all of your “sell” (commissionable) rate plans and/or “NET” rate plans). For any and each segment or on the other hand, completely shut down and block any or all segments entirely. You can create a virtual rate plan (based on the existing rate plan) and assign it to any, some, or all of the segments.

The same goes for geographies, by countries, regions, or continents, you can adjust rate-plans, per source markets, destinations, guest origins, etc.It goes down to the specific partner/s level, all of this can be done for all and any of these options. You can selectively pick specific partner/s and tweak and adjust all of your rate plans or assign to each a private rate plan/s etc.

Now, the world is at your fingertips…One platform, countless options, maximum flexibility, endless opportunities!

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