Do you support taxes and fees?

Of course!

In parallel (or in addition), to the functionality you may have on your system, our platform provides many options and a great level of flexibility.

Our taxes and fees module allows you to create unlimited variations of taxes and fees (such as VAT, GST, City Tax, Tourist Tax, Resort Fee, etc.).

Our module will allow you to configure these based on all needed parameters (percentage or fix amount, per stay, per person, per night, per room, per bedroom, or any combination of the above).

You will be able to mark if the price that we receive already includes it or the tax/fee need to be added to the price or to be paid at the check-out etc.

These taxes and fees (in addition to the policies that we may get from your system) will be added to the reservation price (with the exact breakdown) and will be passed on to the travel provider (and via the travel provider to the guest).

Bottom line, with our taxes and fees module you will be able to easily define the right settings that will allow the passing of accurate prices with all the relevant taxes and fees and with a complete breakdown.

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