Does HyperGuest aggravate rate disparity issues?

On the contrary!

The HyperGuest platform offers hoteliers several levels of control to mitigate rate leakage and rate parity concerns:

Controlled distribution of NET rate plans:

Unlike bed-banks and wholesalers, HyperGuest allows hoteliers to configure how their rates get distributed. For example, NET rate plans can be made available to segments such as travel agencies, closed communities but not to resellers.

Publish the BAR rate with NET prices:

HyperGuest allows users to define a rate plan as the official BAR, which will be provided to demand generators together with the net price. In many cases, rate parity issues occur simply because demand generators don’t know the hotelier’s expectation for a minimum sell rate. Publicly selling below the BAR rate, in this case, is a violation of the HyperGuest terms of use.

Publish pay-at-hotel (gross) rate plans:

When hoteliers publish end-user (gross, commissionable) prices, they have full control of the selling price. HyperGuest allows B2B sales of such rates, including a consistent seamless reconciliation process and commission remittance.

Quick mitigation of rate parity cases:

With HyperGuest, you are in control. When an issue occurs, you don’t need to embark on a ‘detective’ effort (as with a traditional wholesaler) since you will be working with the target agencies directly. By simply adding a demand partner on your Block List, they will immediately lose access to your inventory.

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