What is BAR (rate)?

Best Available Rate (BAR), also known as Best Rate Guaranteed (BRG), is a pricing mechanism used by hotels and hotel chains. It was introduced as a result of the hotel industry mimicking the airline industry, which sets a price by forecasting demand.

There are several interpretations and executions of BAR in the hotel industry. Sheryl E. Kimes defines BAR pricing as an “attempt to reduce confusion and to guarantee that the guest is quoted the lowest available rate for each night of a multiple-night stay.”[1] Galileo, a Global Distribution System provider, defines BAR as “a rate available to the general public that does not require pre-payment and does not impose cancellation or change penalties and/or fees, other than those imposed as a result of a hotel property’s normal cancellation policy.” However, some hotels include “fenced” rates as part of their BAR strategies.

Source: here!

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