How Distribution is Evolving for the Hospitality Industry

How Distribution is Evolving for the Hospitality Industry

The distribution landscape for hotels has been evolving in various ways post-pandemic. Here are some key trends and changes that have emerged.
July 26, 2023

The distribution landscape for hotels has been evolving in various ways post-pandemic. Here are some key trends and changes that have emerged:

Increased dependence on online travel agencies (OTAs)

The pandemic accelerated the shift toward online bookings and digital channels. Hotels have been focusing more on their online presence and investing in their websites, online travel agencies (OTAs), and other digital platforms to attract guests. The use of mobile apps and direct booking channels has also gained popularity.

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Direct bookings and brand loyalty

While OTAs have played a significant role, hotels are also focusing on encouraging direct bookings through their own websites. This is partly driven by the desire to reduce reliance on OTAs and retain more revenue. Hotels are implementing strategies such as offering exclusive discounts, loyalty programs, and personalized experiences to incentivize guests to book directly.

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Shift towards mobile bookings

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of mobile bookings. Travelers are increasingly using smartphones and mobile apps to research, book, and manage their hotel stays. Hotels are investing in mobile-friendly websites and user-friendly apps to capture this growing segment of travelers.

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Flexible booking policies

Many hotels have introduced flexible booking policies to accommodate the changing travel landscape and traveler preferences. These policies often include options for free cancellations or modifications, as well as offering refundable or non-refundable rates, allowing guests to make bookings with more confidence.

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Dynamic pricing, revenue management, and flexibility

Given the fluctuating demand and changing market conditions, hotels have been utilizing dynamic pricing and revenue management strategies more effectively. By leveraging data and analytics, hotels can optimize pricing and distribution channels to maximize revenue.

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Enhanced use of technology

Hotels are leveraging technology to streamline operations and enhance the guest experience. This includes contactless check-in/out processes, digital room keys, mobile concierge services, and in-room automation. Technology integration is aimed at reducing physical contact, improving efficiency, and meeting guests' evolving expectations.

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Sustainability and eco-consciousness

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of sustainability and eco-consciousness. Hotels are increasingly incorporating these values into their distribution strategies, promoting their green initiatives, and appealing to environmentally conscious travelers.

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Personalization and Guest Preferences

Hotels are placing a greater emphasis on personalization and understanding guest preferences. They are utilizing customer relationship management (CRM) systems and data analytics to gather guest data, deliver targeted marketing campaigns, and provide tailored offers and experiences, thereby improving guest satisfaction and loyalty.

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B2B Distribution

B2B distribution for hotels offers the benefits of increased exposure and reach to a wider audience of travel agents, corporate clients, and online travel agencies (OTAs), resulting in higher occupancy rates and revenue potential. Additionally, it allows hotels to streamline their operations by leveraging technology platforms that simplify inventory management, reservations, and payments.

HyperGuest, a pioneer in B2B direct distribution transforms the way hotels distribute their rooms by making it more transparent, controlled, and profitable.

Meetingpackage is an intuitive and automated solution to manage group bookings for accommodation and Meetings & Events sales.

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Hotel Distribution Channel Pricing and Segmentation

This illustrates different hotel distribution channels and their associated pricing and customer segments. It highlights how hotels can strategically price their offerings based on the target audience and distribution channels.

1.      Direct Bookings:

  • Pricing: Best rates are offered directly through the hotel's official website or reservation desk.
  • Customer Segment: Independent travelers, loyal customers, and those seeking personalized services.

2.      Online Travel Agencies (OTAs):

  • Pricing: Competitively priced packages and promotions to attract a wider customer base.
  • Customer Segment: Budget-conscious travelers, online deal seekers, and those looking for convenience.

3.      Global Distribution Systems (GDS):

  • Pricing: Negotiated rates for travel agents and corporate clients.
  • Customer Segment: Business travelers, travel agencies, and corporate clients.

4.      Wholesalers:

  • Pricing: Discounted rates are offered in bulk to tour operators, travel agencies, and resellers.
  • Customer Segment: Tour operators, travel agencies, and large-scale travel resellers.

5.      Meta-search Engines:

  • Pricing: Rate comparison tools aggregating data from various channels.
  • Customer Segment: Price-sensitive travelers looking for the best deals and options.

6.      Corporate Contracts:

  • Pricing: Pre-negotiated rates based on long-term contracts with corporate clients.
  • Customer Segment: Companies and their employees require frequent business travel.

7.      Consortia and Travel Management Companies (TMCs):

  • Pricing: Exclusive rates negotiated for members and managed corporate travel programs.
  • Customer Segment: Travel agencies, corporate travel departments, and high-end business travelers.

Remember, the pricing and customer segments mentioned above can vary depending on the hotel's location, target market, and overall business strategy.


In conclusion, the distribution landscape for the hotel industry has undergone significant changes and trends post-pandemic. Hotels have increasingly relied on online travel agencies (OTAs) and mobile bookings to attract guests and boost revenue. However, there has also been a shift towards encouraging direct bookings and brand loyalty through exclusive discounts and personalized experiences. 

Flexible booking policies have been implemented to accommodate changing travel preferences, while dynamic pricing and revenue management strategies have been adopted to optimize revenue. The enhanced use of technology, sustainability initiatives, personalization, and understanding of guest preferences have become crucial for hotels to meet evolving expectations. 

B2B distribution has offered hotels increased exposure and operational streamlining, while strategic pricing and segmentation across various distribution channels have become essential for targeting specific customer segments effectively. Ultimately, these evolving distribution strategies help hotels adapt and thrive in the ever-changing hotel industry.

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