How HyperGuest’s B2B Distribution Technology Propelled Starhotels to New Heights.

How HyperGuest’s B2B Distribution Technology Propelled Starhotels to New Heights.

Embark on an exclusive conversation with Antonio Ducceschi, Chief Commercial Officer at Starhotels. Discover the transformative impact of HyperGuest on their B2B distribution, where static contracts evolved into dynamic revenue streams, saving time and unlocking new markets.
October 10, 2023

In the dynamic world of hospitality and tourism, Starhotels stands out as a beacon of authentic Italian hospitality combined with contemporary elegance. With a collection of 30 hotels across Italy, London, Paris, and New York, Starhotels has always believed in treating guests like friends, offering memorable stays whether it's a 4-star retreat or a luxurious 5-star escape.

But what sets Starhotels apart is not just its commitment to exceptional guest experiences; it's their forward-thinking approach to business development and innovation. This is where Antonio Ducceschi, the Chief Commercial Officer at Starhotels, steps in as a determined and passionate leader with a strong international background in global companies and luxury hospitality.

Starhotels' Success Story with HyperGuest

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, Starhotels recognized the need to adapt and embrace cutting-edge solutions to enhance their distribution efficiency and boost profits in the B2B space. Enter HyperGuest, a game-changer in the world of hotel distribution.

Shifting from Static to Dynamic Distribution

With the adoption of HyperGuest, Starhotels achieved a remarkable feat: they transformed 80% of their static B2B contracts into dynamic distribution. This shift not only increased their flexibility but also opened doors to new revenue streams that were previously untapped.

Saving Time and Focusing on Profit

HyperGuest's e-contracting module became the linchpin in Starhotels' operational efficiency. By streamlining the contracting process, they were able to save a whopping 80% of their work time compared to the traditional manual workload. This allowed the team to redirect their efforts towards strategic initiatives aimed at driving profits.

A Surge in ADR in the B2B Space

One of the most significant achievements was the substantial increase in the Average Daily Rate (ADR) in the B2B channels. With full control over their rate strategy, Starhotels secured the second-highest ADR in their distribution segmentation. This newfound control over pricing played a pivotal role in their revenue growth.

Unlocking Incremental Revenue

HyperGuest's marketplace introduced Starhotels to demand partners they could have never contracted directly due to the time and effort involved. This resulted in the generation of incremental revenue, a feat that was once deemed unattainable. It's a testament to how technology can amplify business opportunities.

Reaching New Target Audiences

The HyperGuest demand partners portfolio unveiled new markets for Starhotels. These markets, characterized by their size and granularity, were previously beyond reach through direct contracting. With HyperGuest, Starhotels expanded its reach and tapped into previously untapped segments.

In Conclusion

Starhotels, under the guidance of Antonio Ducceschi, embraced innovation and technology to transform its B2B distribution strategy. HyperGuest became the catalyst for this change, enabling Starhotels to turn static contracts into dynamic opportunities, save valuable time, increase ADR, generate incremental revenue, and access new target audiences.

In the competitive world of hospitality and tourism, Starhotels continues to shine, proving that a combination of genuine Italian hospitality and smart business strategies can lead to unparalleled success. As they say, when you stay at Starhotels, you're not just a guest; you're part of the family, and that family is thriving in the digital age.

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