How to Create a Seamless Operational Experience for Hoteliers?

How to Create a Seamless Operational Experience for Hoteliers?

Join our VP Business Development Enzo Aita and Joao Freitas, Chief of Growth & Marketing Officer at Host Hotel System and learn how you can improve your hotel's operational efficiency using technology.
May 13, 2024

In a compelling 1-on-1 conversation, Enzo Aita, VP of Business Development at HyperGuest, spoke with Joao Freitas, Chief of Growth & Marketing Officer at Host Hotel System. Host Hotel System, part of the Hospitality Holding Investments (HHI) group, offers a comprehensive suite of hospitality solutions, including a channel manager, business analytics, property management system, and CRM.

The discussion delves into how the seamless integration of HHI’s products optimizes hoteliers' operations, providing unique benefits at every stage of the guest journey—from reservation and pre-arrival to during-stay and post-stay engagement. The conversation highlights the transformative impact of these integrated solutions on guest experiences, operational efficiency, and data-driven decision-making.

Hospitality Holding Investments group, which owns Host Hotel Systems, offers a comprehensive set of products such as a channel manager, business analysis, property management system, and CRM. How do these solutions integrate perfectly to optimize hoteliers' operations and what unique benefits does this integration provide?

The integration of HHI's brands and products creates a seamless operational environment for hoteliers, optimizing various aspects of their operations from reservation to post-stay engagement. Firstly, during the reservation phase, the integration of Host PMS, Host ProfileNow (CRM) and Hey!Channel Manager enables hoteliers to boost direct bookings and efficiently manage distribution channels. By capturing essential guest data, they can tailor services and offerings more effectively, enhancing the overall booking experience.

Moving to the pre-arrival stage, the integration of Host PMS, Host POS, Host EMS (Event Management System), Host GXP (Guest Experience) and Host ProfileNow allows for a streamlined process, facilitating seamless upselling, upgrades, online check-in and the use of kiosks for guests. This enhances guest satisfaction and operational efficiency before they even set foot on the property. Once guests arrive (during-stay), the integration continues to provide benefits. Through the integration of all Host solutions, and also, Host ProfileNow, hoteliers can personalize the on-site experience with tailored campaigns based on comprehensive guest data. This level of personalization not only increases guest satisfaction but also encourages on-site spending and promotes loyalty. Even after guests have checked out (post-stay), the integration of HHI's solutions ensures a lasting connection.

Through post-stay engagement strategies facilitated by Host ProfileNow, hoteliers can extend the guest journey with loyalty programs, personalized campaigns, and detailed analysis with Clever Hospitality Analytics. This fosters a compelling reason for guests to return and strengthens the relationship between the guest and the hotel. Overall, the integration of HHI's suite of brands optimizes hoteliers' operations by streamlining processes, enhancing guest experiences, and fostering lasting connections, ultimately driving revenue and loyalty.

Bullet points about the benefits of the integration of these products through the guest journey:

  • Efficiency: The seamless integration of various systems streamlines hotel operations, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.
  • Personalization: Access to comprehensive guest data enables hoteliers to personalize guest experiences at every touchpoint, from reservation to post-stay follow-ups.
  • Optimized Revenue: By optimizing distribution channels and utilizing upselling opportunities, hoteliers can maximize revenue potential.
  • Guest Satisfaction: Personalized services and tailored campaigns enhance guest satisfaction, leading to positive reviews and repeat business.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Detailed analytics provided by the integrated systems empower hoteliers to make informed decisions, improving overall performance and profitability.

With your business analytics tool, hotels can access a wealth of data. Can you share how this data empowers hoteliers to make informed decisions, optimize revenue streams, and enhance guest experiences?

Clever Hospitality Analytics is another brand of the HHI Group, focused on offering a unique and innovative pre-built and easy-access Business Intelligence platform specially designed for hospitality. With two main products, Clever Premium and Clever Data Studio, hoteliers can have access to a range of tools and features tailored to their specific needs. Whether it's pre-built dashboards for quick insights or customizable reports for in-depth analysis, Clever Hospitality Analytics equips hoteliers with the resources they need to thrive in today's competitive hospitality industry. With the power of data analysis, hotels can create and manage knowledge about their business behavior spanning the past, present, and forecasted future. This comprehensive understanding enables them to adapt strategies and make informed decisions to stay competitive. Accessing real-time management data effortlessly, hoteliers can make prompt operational and strategic decisions. This agility ensures they remain responsive to changing market conditions and guest needs, staying ahead of the competition. By interpreting the detailed analysis of guest data, hoteliers can adapt services and offers to improve guest experiences. Understanding guest preferences and behavior patterns leads to greater satisfaction and loyalty, boosting overall success. Clever Hospitality Analytics empowers hotels with comprehensive insights, agile decision-making, and predictive capabilities, fostering a culture of data-driven excellence.

Channel management is crucial for maximizing online visibility and revenue. How does Hey!Channel Manager, from Hey!Travel simplify the process of managing distribution across multiple online platforms, and what innovative features set it apart from competitors?

Hey!Channel Manager simplifies channel management by centralizing all inventory in one cloud-based platform. This allows hoteliers to showcase and manage their properties across multiple online platforms in real-time. 

Here are some key features that set Hey!Channel Manager apart from competitors:

  • Maximize Occupancy: The platform ensures full synchronization of properties across all platforms, eliminating concerns about overbookings. Real-time reservation tracking and management enable users to stay on top of bookings made through OTAs, booking platforms, or their own website.
  • Real-time Synchronization: Managing all channels in one place improves efficiency and saves time. Hey!Travel allows users to connect with multiple channels at no extra cost, keeping all platforms updated instantly. This feature ensures that changes made are promptly reflected in the property management system (PMS), saving time and resources.
  • Automation Rules: Users can set up distribution rules, adjust them as needed, and automate various processes. This feature enables tasks such as stopping sales based on available rooms, restricting availability, and changing prices based on occupancy. Automation frees up time for users to focus on other aspects of their business.
  • Centralized Communication: Channel Manager includes an inbox where all guest messages and reviews from various platforms are stored. This centralized communication system simplifies management and responses, streamlining communication with guests.
  • Promo Creator: The platform features a Promo Creator tool that allows users to create and promote offers across their chosen channels with just a few clicks. Special discounts, sale channels, specific targets, and excluded dates can all be applied effortlessly.
  • Reviews Management: Managing guest reviews and property scores is integral to maintaining a positive online reputation. Hey!Channel Manager enables users to manage and reply to guest reviews directly from the dashboard. This feature ensures consistent and timely responses across all platforms, enhancing guest satisfaction and trust.

In today's competitive landscape, personalized guest experiences are paramount. How does Host ProfileNow, the HHI CRM platform, enable hoteliers to build meaningful relationships with guests, anticipate their needs, and deliver unforgettable stays?

By consolidating data from various sources from the PMS, POS, online reviews, website and many more, Host ProfileNow presents a detailed picture of each guest's preferences and habits, empowering hoteliers to tailor services accordingly With centralized guest data and automated processing, Host ProfileNow ensures accuracy and completeness, enabling informed decision-making. Hoteliers gain a global view of guests across properties, facilitating personalized offers and communications that resonate on a personal level.Host ProfileNow's Marketing Automation system enhances guest engagement through personalized communication, while innovative features like AI-powered content creation streamline campaign development. Customizable satisfaction surveys gather feedback directly from guests, driving continuous improvement in service quality. Comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities allow hoteliers to evaluate campaign success and optimize future efforts. Ultimately, Host ProfileNow enables hoteliers to forge meaningful connections with guests, delivering exceptional experiences that foster loyalty and advocacy. In essence, Host ProfileNow enables hoteliers to go beyond mere transactions and create meaningful connections with guests. By leveraging comprehensive guest understanding, personalized communication, and data-driven decision-making, hoteliers can deliver exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impression, fostering loyalty and advocacy among guests.

Host Hotel System's Property Management System is the backbone of hotel operations. Can you highlight key features that enhance efficiency, improve guest satisfaction, and empower hotel staff to deliver exceptional service?

Host PMS revolutionizes hotel management by consolidating all operations into a single screen, regardless of booking origin. It offers versatile availability control, advanced payment flexibility, and fully integrated current account management, facilitating efficient credit control. Through seamless integration with receivable bills, payment gateways, and other industry-specific applications, it connects operational and financial processes. Beyond bookings, it integrates departments like Housekeeping and Maintenance, automates report dispatch, and offers an Advanced Guest Profile feature for comprehensive guest information management, streamlining operations while enhancing guest experiences and financial oversight in the hospitality industry. Our product, Host PMS, stands out in the market due to its unparalleled integration capabilities and expansive range of operational modules. Unlike its competitors, Host PMS offers endless possibilities for integrations in the Host Universe, that includes: Host POS (Point of Sale), Host GXP (Guest Experience), Host EMS (Event Management System), Host WSS (Wellness) and Host Access Gate (Ticket Selling).

Key features of Host PMS:

  • Property Management System;
  • +400 integrations;
  • Managing the reservations, group reservations and block management;
  • Availability control with multiple views of inventory and occupancy;
  • Invoicing and Management of Advance Payments;
  • Fully-Integrated Current Account Management;
  • Integrated Back-Office Operations;
  • Housekeeping & Maintenance software included;
  • Guest Experience solutions included, such as the Online Check-in, the kiosks, or the web-app;
  • More than + 150 Standard Reporting and Statistics + Possibility to create your own;

Many thanks to Joao Freitas for sharing his professional insights and to Host Hotel System for a strong partnership with HyperGuest. Continue reading to learn more about this exciting integration and its benefits here!