HyperGuest and B&B Hotels Partnership: Reshaping Global Hotel Distribution

HyperGuest and B&B Hotels Partnership: Reshaping Global Hotel Distribution

Explore how HyperGuest and B&B Hotels are reshaping global hotel distribution, offering seamless connectivity, reduced costs, and increased revenue potential. Dive in now!
May 24, 2023

HyperGuest, the hospitality distribution marketplace, and B&B Hotels, the fastest growing value-for-money hotel chain in Europe ,  join forces in a strategic partnership to transform the landscape of global hotel distribution.

With this partnership, B&B Hotels can tap into the HyperGuest marketplace for smart distribution, while HyperGuest gains a valuable industry ally.

The HyperGuest platform connects hotels directly with travel providers, without connectivity hassles or expensive middlemen.  Hotels gain a new way of cutting their distribution costs, without the need for tedious commercial contracting.

B&B Hotels, known for providing comfortable and affordable accommodations, can leverage HyperGuest's technology to retain full control over their inventory and pricing, while reaching out to a wider audience of Travel Demand Companies, maximizing its revenue potential and reducing distribution cost.

"We are excited to partner with HyperGuest," said Othmane Ammari, in charge of Online Distribution at B&B Hotels. "We were looking for a technology partner to connect us directly with the B2B online travel ecosystem. This is why we decided to connect with HyperGuest because it enables us to increase visibility and sales as well as connect with new Travel partners. We find that the HyperGuest interface is sophisticated and allows maximum flexibility when it comes to different rate structures according to specific segments, source markets, etc. We are confident that HyperGuest will help us increase awareness for B&B Hotels within the Travel Demand Partners and drive new revenues and customers. I would like to thank Monica Ferro, Marc Armengol, Facundo Peralta, Adrián Saracco, Agostina Di Leva, and the onboarding team for their support".

"We are honored to partner with B&B Hotels, a powerful brand in the hospitality industry," said Amit Rahav, CRO of HyperGuest. "This strategic partnership will allow us to provide even more reach and value to our Travel Demand clients, while helping B&B Hotels achieve smart distribution, at scale, and reduce their cost of doing business”.

The partnership between HyperGuest and B&B Hotels marks a significant milestone in the hospitality industry, bringing together two industry leaders to revolutionize hotel distribution.

About B&B Hotels:

B&B HOTELS is one of the most important hotel groups in Europe. Founded in Brest, in 1990, the Group has a network of more than 700 hotels in 15 countries, in Europe and Brazil. B&B HOTELS grew exponentially in 2022 with the opening of 97 new hotels, and intends to continue this dynamic throughout 2023 with upcoming openings in the UK and the USA as part of an ambitious plan to have 3000 hotels by 2030.

Positioned in the value-for-money segment and offering 4*, 3* and 2* hotels. B&B HOTELS is committed to offering its customers comfort and quality at the best value for money. With a modern and minimalist design, standardized rooms, and amenities such as free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs, B&B Hotels offers a simple and enjoyable lodging experience. For more information, visit B&B Hotels website.

About HyperGuest:

HyperGuest is the leading marketplace for hotel distribution. Founded in early 2020, the company has offices in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Miami, and India. The HyperGuest technology platform empowers Hotels and Travel Providers to deliver rooms with maximum efficiency and profitability. HyperGuest Marketplace is an intelligent, easy-to-use B2B distribution channel that shortens the booking supply chain and enables direct booking flow at scale for both Hotels and Travel Providers. 

With advanced connectivity and analytics tools, HyperGuest enables hotels to retain full control over their inventory and pricing while expanding their reach to a wider audience.

Want to book B&B Hotels directly? With HyperGuest, you can do it today! For more information, click here.