HyperGuest & Paximum Partnership

HyperGuest & Paximum Partnership

HyperGuest and Paximum are forging a strategic alliance to optimize the full potential of hotel bookings.

HyperGuest, the leading Hotel B2B Direct Distribution Marketplace, and Paximum, a global Travel Marketplace under the robust portfolio of the Turkish SAN Tourism Software Group, are forging a strategic alliance to optimize the full potential of hotel bookings.

This collaboration seamlessly integrates HyperGuest's expertise in hotel distribution with Paximum's advanced B2B travel platform, offering cutting-edge technology solutions to meet the dynamic demands of the travel sector.

Eda BAYRAKTAR, Director of Global Sales at Paximum, remarks: ‘’In today's dynamic and ever-evolving Industry, the demand for reliable and efficient solutions has never been higher. As Paximum, we are dedicated to meeting this demand by continuously striving to enhance the quality of our services and expanding the range of offerings through new channel managers. Therefore, we are thrilled to join forces with HyperGuest. By leveraging the expertise and resources of both companies, we are confident that we can unlock new opportunities and achieve remarkable results.''

Marc Armengol, VP Business Development at HyperGuest, adds: "Partnering with Paximum signifies a substantial advancement for HyperGuest in the Middle East. With a comprehensive portfolio offering intelligent solutions for DMCs, TTOOs, and various travel entities, we are excited to join forces with such a strong travel partner."

About Paximum

Paximum operates globally as a B2B accommodation wholesaler and marketplace, working with 90+ global bed banks and 200+ DMCs as a subsidiary of SAN Tourism Software Group which has been in the industry since 1992. 

Paximum offers a vast portfolio of more than 1 million hotels worldwide, catering to the diverse needs of OTAs, wholesalers, tour operators, and retail agents. 6K+ of the content consists of static contracts, all nationality based.

For more information, please visit our website at www.paximum.com.

About HyperGuest

HyperGuest is the leading marketplace for hotel distribution. Founded in early 2020, the company has offices across all global regions. The HyperGuest technology platform empowers Hotels and Travel Providers to deliver rooms with maximum efficiency and profitability. HyperGuest Marketplace is an intelligent, easy-to-use B2B distribution channel that shortens the booking supply chain and enables direct booking flow at scale for both Hotels and Travel Providers. 

With advanced connectivity and analytics tools, HyperGuest enables hotels to retain full control over their inventory and pricing while expanding their reach to a wider audience.

For more information, visit www.hyperguest.com.


"In today's dynamic industry, demand for reliable solutions is high. As Paximum, we're expanding with new channels and thrilled to partner with HyperGuest for exceptional outcomes."

Director of Global Sales

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