HyperGuest & Smartbox Partnership

HyperGuest & Smartbox Partnership

HyperGuest Pioneers Strategic Collaboration with Smartbox Group for Seamless Accommodation Distribution.

HyperGuest, the premier Hotel B2B Direct Distribution Marketplace, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Smartbox Group, the distinguished European leader in the Experience Gift market.

From Smartbox Group's standpoint, HyperGuest serves as a connectivity solution, providing seamless access to their extensive network of contracted hotels. This collaboration enables Smartbox to streamline the process of establishing direct connections with hotels by utilizing the integrated connectivities of HyperGuest, leading to time, technical resource savings and improved allotment.

For HyperGuest, this partnership signifies an opportunity to showcase the platform's capabilities in automating accommodation distribution, even in complex scenarios like managing gift boxes. HyperGuest's innovative solution not only achieves substantial cost savings but also elevates operational efficiency, setting a new standard in the industry.

Marc Armengol, VP Business Development at HyperGuest, expressed the importance of this strategic collaboration, stating, "Partnering with Smartbox Group marks a new milestone in HyperGuest's journey. Collaborating with such an esteemed company in the travel industry not only propels us forward but also opens the door for us to the travel experiences gift market."

This partnership exemplifies HyperGuest's commitment to revolutionizing the travel industry by providing cutting-edge solutions that simplify processes, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency for both HyperGuest and its valued partners.

Alexandre Boniface, Partner Marketing Manager at Smartbox Group shares: “Our partnership with HyperGuest enable us to solve our connectivity challenge with a unique solution.

Removing channel managers’ specific development allowed us to be quicker in onboarding new and existing partners. It results in improved quality of offer for our customers, while making our partners’ life easier in managing their partnership with us.“

About Smartbox

Created in 2003, Smartbox Group is a leading provider of experience and gift vouchers, offering a wide range of unforgettable experiences, from luxury stays and fine dining to adventure sports and spa days. Our platform and packaged experiences make gifting easy and meaningful, allowing recipients to choose their ideal experience. Leveraging innovative technology, Smartbox ensures a seamless purchase, and booking process, providing flexibility and convenience for both gift-givers and recipients. Trusted by thousands of experience providers across Europe, Smartbox connects people with memorable moments.

Discover the perfect gift at www.smartbox.com.

About HyperGuest

HyperGuest is the leading marketplace for hotel distribution. Founded in early 2020, the company has offices across all global regions. The HyperGuest technology platform empowers Hotels and Travel Providers to deliver rooms with maximum efficiency and profitability. HyperGuest Marketplace is an intelligent, easy-to-use B2B distribution channel that shortens the booking supply chain and enables direct booking flow at scale for both Hotels and Travel Providers.

With advanced connectivity and analytics tools, HyperGuest enables hotels to retain full control over their inventory and pricing while expanding their reach to a wider audience.

For more information, visit www.hyperguest.com.


"Our partnership with HyperGuest enables faster onboarding for partners by bypassing channel managers' development, improving our offer quality for customers, and simplifying partner management."

Alexandre Boniface
Partner Marketing Manager
Smartbox Group

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