Tapping into the Power of AI: Vervotech Hotel Mapping Success Story

Tapping into the Power of AI: Vervotech Hotel Mapping Success Story

Navigate the complexities of hotel mapping with ease. Get invaluable insights into overcoming challenges and achieving accurate results in our insightful blog interview.
July 20, 2023

Join us as we sit down with Sanjay Ghare, the CEO and MD of Vervotech, to delve into the remarkable journey of Vervotech's hotel mapping solutions. Discover how AI technology has played a pivotal role in their market success, scalability, and customized approach. Get ready for an insightful conversation that sheds light on the future of the hospitality industry.

Can you provide an overview of Vervotech's market position, including the types of products and services it offers, the specific audience it targets, and how well it has penetrated the market?

Vervotech is a leading hotel mapping, room mapping, and standardized content processing solutions provider. With a strong market presence, we have established ourselves as the second-largest mapping provider in market share over the past five years.

What truly sets us apart is our strategic focus during the Covid-19 pandemic, where we capitalized on the opportunity to acquire large brands. As a result, our portfolio boasts numerous renowned names, further enhancing our market position and credibility.

Could you please elaborate on Vervotech's AI-based hotel mapping technology and its methodology for ensuring data accuracy, reliability, and integrity? How does the company address challenges such as data inconsistencies, duplications, and inaccuracies while maintaining comprehensive and up-to-date hotel information from diverse sources?

Vervotech's AI-based hotel mapping technology is built upon three fundamental principles that drive its effectiveness and reliability, enabling us to deliver accurate and comprehensive mappings for our clients.

The first key fundamental is our primary focus on information provided directly by hotels themselves. By considering this data as the ultimate source of truth, we ensure our mappings reflect the most up-to-date and accurate representation of each hotel's attributes, amenities, and room types.

The second fundamental revolves around our intelligent use of supplier-specific algorithms. We aggregate data from various suppliers, and to address the challenges of structuring diverse information, we have developed algorithms tailored to each supplier. This approach ensures that our mappings are reliable and coherent, regardless of the data's origin.

The third and final fundamental is the continuous evolution of our algorithms through daily training using diverse datasets. The hospitality industry is dynamic, with constant updates and changes. To stay ahead, our algorithms are designed to learn and adapt, making our technology robust and agile in providing accurate and reliable mappings.

Overall, our AI-based hotel mapping technology employs a strategic approach, combining the insights from hotel partners, supplier-specific algorithms, and daily algorithm training to ensure the highest level of data accuracy, reliability, and integrity in the face of various data challenges.

Can you discuss the level of automation, scalability, customization, and flexibility provided by Vervotech's mapping solutions, especially when dealing with a large number of hotels, travel platforms, and various room categorizations and descriptions used by hotels?

Our solution excels in automation, ensuring efficient scalability to handle up to 3 million properties daily. It offers high customization and flexibility, accommodating various data sources, including APIs and customized file formats. Real-time updates are available through APIs, with the option to consume data via flat files. We seamlessly integrate with leading tech companies, delivering a tailored experience for larger organizations. While our standard mapping services suit most customers, we also provide customized modules to cater to specific requirements.

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What future innovations and developments can we expect to see in Vervotech's mapping solutions, and how will they contribute to further enhancing the booking experience for travelers?

Vervotech is dedicated to enhancing the booking experience for travelers by introducing future innovations in our mapping solutions. We are actively exploring the implementation of smart attributes to offer personalized recommendations for hotels based on traveler preferences, budget, and class. By leveraging data and creating a smarter travel experience, our goal is to provide suggestions for alternative hotels that closely match each traveler's unique needs. This will make the booking process more intuitive and tailored, akin to the personalized experiences found on popular online streaming platforms.

Can you discuss your decision to integrate Vervotech with HyperGuest?

Sure. Our decision to integrate with HyperGuest stemmed from our commitment to fostering innovation in the dynamic travel industry. HyperGuest's pioneering platform facilitates direct connections between travel agencies and hotels, eliminating middlemen and streamlining processes. Recognizing the value of this innovative approach, we joined forces with HyperGuest a few months ago. Since then, our customers have shown a growing demand for this direct connection, which has significantly enhanced the overall travel ecosystem. By collaborating with HyperGuest, we are collectively introducing something new to the industry and fortifying our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

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"We integrated with HyperGuest a few months ago, and our customers' growing demand for this direct connection has significantly enhanced the travel ecosystem"

Sanjay Ghare

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