HyperGuest & Convergent International Travel

HyperGuest & Convergent International Travel

HyperGuest is happy to be partnered with Convergent International Travel!
Travel Provider
March 18, 2024

HyperGuest Expands Reach with Convergent International Travel!

Rapidly growing in the overseas hotel wholesale industry, Convergent International Travel stands as one of China's leading B2B platform, with its robust direct contracting ability.

Why HyperGues?

"With 8000+ hotels in the marketplace, we're impressed by HyperGuest—it brings us closer to hotel partners and streamlines direct contracts with hoteliers!" - Bruce Zheng, Business Development Manager.

Special thanks to Bruce Zheng and Benny Li, General Manager of Meizhou Branch, for their pivotal roles in fostering this partnership.

Want to enjoy direct contracting with HyperGuest? Click here!

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