HyperGuest & GNA Hotel Solutions

HyperGuest & GNA Hotel Solutions

HyperGuest is happy to integrate with GNA Hotel Solutions!
April 10, 2024

We're thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with GNA Hotel Solutions 🚀

Together, we're transforming the hotel industry with innovative solutions designed to maximize profitability and boost direct sales.

GNA Hotel Solutions is a comprehensive hotel marketing and technology solution, with nearly 30 years of industry experience. By integrating with HyperGuest, they're taking their offerings to the next level, providing clients with an efficient and cost-effective way to expand global reach.

Big thanks to Albert Justafré and the talented team at GNA Hotel Solutions for their collaboration in forging this partnership. Let's work together to create new opportunities and drive success for hotels worldwide!

To learn more about our integration, click here!

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