HyperGuest & Optigest

HyperGuest & Optigest

HyperGuest is happy to be partnered with Optigest!
Tal Lavi
December 14, 2022

About Optigest:

Optigest is an innovative tech company, with the mission of assisting tourism actors to optimize their business using information technology.

The company is based in Portugal, and its main target markets are Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, DMC, Hospitality, Tours and Transfers.

Optigest quote:

Optigest’s choice to partner up with HyperGuest is the result of a constant research after new innovative solutions that benefit the customer. These days, speed in processes is fundamental in the Tourism and Hospitality market’s

operation.   With HyperGuest’s solution, nothing comes between hotels and travel providers, so with this collaboration,  our technology will allow travel providers to offer a set of services in a simple, fast and effective process.

We would like to thank João Moreira and Filipe Machado for helping to develop this wonderful partnership!

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