HyperGuest & Technoheaven

HyperGuest & Technoheaven

HyperGuest is happy to be partnered with Technoheaven!
Tal Lavi
July 28, 2022

HyperGuest is thrilled to announce our partnership with Technoheaven!

About Technoheaven:

Technoheaven is a Leading Software Development and web application development company based in the USA,UAE,UK,India, delivering end to end travel technology solutions across the world at affordable rates.

Techno Heaven travel professionals develop comprehensive travel software solutions empowering worldwide travel businesses to automate travel business processes and increase customer experience.  

Technoheaven quote:

we believe that the partnership with HyperGuest is important for our company as it will allow our customers a reach in global hotels and increase their autonomy, consequent expansion of sales channels and expansion.

We would like to thank Gabriela Rico, Melida Kacapor and the rest of the Technoheaven team for helping to develop this wonderful partnership!

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