HyperGuest & Multireisen Deutschland

HyperGuest & Multireisen Deutschland

HyperGuest is happy to be partnered with Multireisen Deutschland!

Multireisen Deutschland, based in Berlin with offices in Hungary and the Czech Republic, is a leading travel technology and B2B wholesaler. Since 2003, they've been dedicated to offering a user-friendly booking engine, integrating numerous suppliers to provide competitive rates, especially in the GCC region, Germany, and North Africa.

After careful evaluation, Multireisen chose HyperGuest for our value proposition and the positive feedback from our hotel partners. This partnership marks a significant step in enhancing connectivity and expanding our reach!

A big thank you to Mr. Ahmed Sherif, Mr. Kivanc Oroglu, Mr. Akram Morris and the rest of the team for their invaluable support in developing this partnership.

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