HyperGuest & One up Travel

HyperGuest & One up Travel

HyperGuest is excited to be partnered with One Up Travel!
Tal Lavi
Travel Provider
December 6, 2022

HyperGuest is excited to announce our partnership with One Up Travel -Digital B2B Tour Operator specializing in the Italian hospitality industry, and operating mainly  in Italy, Makta and the Belearic Islands markets. 

One Up Travel innovative technology allows you to make XML API calls in sub-second response times and with the most competitive results for customers and suppliers.

One Up Travel Quote:

“We have decided to collaborate with Hyperguest as they are the intermediary useful for competitive and dynamic collaborations with our suppliers. Furthermore, they are able to provide a very important inventory for companies at amazing conditions, this makes the game competitive and fair with our competitors”.

Thank you Marco Arcamone for helping us to develop this great partnership with one up travel!

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