HyperGuest & Tourvest Destination Management

HyperGuest & Tourvest Destination Management

HyperGuest is happy to be partnered with Tourvest Destination Management!

HyperGuest is excited to announce our partnership with Tourvest, Southern Africa’s leading integrated tourism group.

Tourvest Destination Management stands out as Africa's premier ground handler for international tourists. The TDM Virtual Marketplace platform offers seamless access to contracted and dynamic rates through PUSH and PULL methods, integrating effortlessly with prominent travel gateways like TravelgateX and ANIXE.

Through the integration with HyperGuest, Tourvest Destination Management has enhanced its platform to offer a wider range of accommodation products to its wholesale tour operator customers. HyperGuest fills the gap, providing cost-effective PUSH and PULL connectivity to various accommodation suppliers and channel managers.

Many thanks to Dieter Holle and the entire Tourvest team for their collaboration in developing this fantastic partnership. Here's to new opportunities and mutual growth!

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