Content Distribution 101 - Manage and Distribute your Hotel content with GIATA

Content Distribution 101 - Manage and Distribute your Hotel content with GIATA

In the fiercely competitive Travel and Hospitality industry, keeping an up-to-date and accurate online presence is key to driving bookings. That's where innovative solutions like GIATA DRIVE come in.
November 29, 2022

HyperGuest announced a strategic integration with GIATA, one of the top-leaders in the non-bookable content for the Travel and Hospitality Markets. This latest tie up exposed us to the Content Distribution world, and gave us the opportunity to explore more about it.  We had the pleasure of interviewing Kalina Nikolova, GIATA’s Director of Business Development, and learn from her rich experience all there is to know about Content Distribution and why excellent hotel content is the key to more bookings.

About Kalina

Kalina Nikolova, GIATA’s Director of Business Development, has more than 15 years of experience in the travel industry. Kalina is a highly motivated, experienced tourism professional with the aim of helping her partners grow their business successfully.

Apart from implementing the GIATA ID as an industry standard, Kalina is building new strategic partnerships and promoting the expansion of GIATA’s content diversity. While strengthening her network in hospitality and tourism, she ensures that hotel information reaches the distribution channels in a proper way.

Kalina, please share with us what does Content Distribution means? 

Content Distribution is the process of making content available to specific audiences in a variety of media formats and through a variety of channels. In the hospitality sector, any online hotel content distribution strategy must include managing digital content, such as amenity details, descriptions, and images. 

Why is Content Distribution needed? 

Content Distribution is key for two reasons: to maintain consistent and accurate online presence and to rank highly on search engines.

To attract more guests and convince them to book rooms, hotels are supposed to have an up-to-date, consistent and accurate online presence. The higher quality of the content hoteliers are able to manage and distribute, the higher chances to maximize online visibility for their properties and increase bookings. 

What’s included in Content Distribution? What are the opportunities?

Excellent hotel content is the key to hotel bookings. The word ‘hotel content’ refers to photos, descriptions of the room, amenity details, etc. 

Nevertheless, we’re seeing a whole new world of content opening up: diverse portals such as Expedia, Google, Kayak, TripAdvisor and Travelport and so on are selling hundreds of thousands of properties. It’s a big challenge for hotels to keep an up-to-date, consistent and accurate online presence for their properties and thus this often requires optimizing the online presence. When everything else is equal, only those hotels who are ready to display the greatest content and most accurate information to 3rd party channels will receive the most bookings.

What are the rising trends today in the Content Distribution industry?

Due to the high volume of hotel reservations, some hoteliers stopped worrying about their distribution tactics. As there are so many channels available, the process became unmanageable for many hoteliers who started optimizing their content across 3rd party distribution channels to generate greater visibility and enhance conversion by standing out from the compset.

As the “Revenge Travel”*  is one of the biggest trends in the industry this year, hotels are discovering they do not have the personnel required to service guests to their normal standards of excellence. Therefore, optimizing hotel content by using automated tools is the immediate solution for hoteliers. 

[ Revenge travel is a term that means traveling as a way of making up for lost time during the pandemic. There isn't one concrete definition or origin, but it generally refers to the frustration and anger that people felt towards COVID-19 for cancelling their plans and disrupting their lives. source]

What's GIATA’s value proposition for the hoteliers and OTA? 

Since 1996, GIATA has been committed to setting new standards in the processing and distribution of travel offers and hotel content for GDS, CRS, OTAs, travel agencies, portals, tour operators, DMCs and hotels. 

Inaccurate, incorrect mapping can lead to loss of revenue and jeopardizing the business in general. GIATA has in-depth experience in mapping for over 16 years and our Berlin-based tech team has been training our proprietary AI-driven mapping system since 2006, securing data accuracy. 

In today’s distribution world, keeping the balance between speed and content quality in continuous delivery is one of the biggest challenges every travel business faces. By delivering hotel images, amenities and descriptions to over 20,000 travel agencies, OTAs and tour operators in 70+ countries worldwide, GIATA has continued to provide their partners with tailor-made solutions that help them keep their hotel portfolio up-to-date and empower them to drive their revenue growth in a time - and cost-effective manner. 

Why your target clients should connect to GIATA’s services?

Synchronising hotel content in real time has become a major challenge for hoteliers, but an efficient solution like GIATA DRIVE can help.

As a powerful leader in hotel content distribution, GIATA DRIVE enables hoteliers to keep their images and other hotel information up-to-date and centrally located on a user-friendly dashboard. Through this central image distribution platform, digital images will be displayed on all distribution channels and over 21,000 sales channels across the world. We at GIATA are primed to automate the distribution of a hotel’s content to every OTA and wholesaler, saving their time and increasing bookings.

As mentioned above, GIATA has been training its AI on suppliers’ data for 16 years adapting the MultiCodes AI with every mapping error that is reported by the numerous GIATA Global Network. Therefore, the MultiCodes AI reaches an accuracy level of 99,99962% which is unparalleled in the travel industry.

Thank you so much Kalina Nikolova, for participating this interview and for your interesting insights about the topic.

(The article was created collaboratively by HyperGuest and GIATA)

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