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GIATA was founded in 1996 and is a technology company specializing in tourism with its headquarters in Berlin.
The company's digital products focusing on static descriptive content target 20,000 customers and partners across more than 70 countries, including hotels, hotel chains, online travel agencies, tour operators, travel agency co-operations and global distribution systems.

Integration Features:
  • GIATA DRIVE: Synchronizing hotel content in real time has become a major challenge for hoteliers, but an efficient solution like GIATA DRIVE can help.As a powerful leader in hotel content distribution, GIATA DRIVE enables hoteliers to keep their images and other hotel information up-to-date and centrally located on a user-friendly dashboard. Through this central image distribution platform, digital images will be displayed on all distribution channels and over 21,000 sales channels across the world. We at GIATA are primed to automate the distribution of a hotel’s content to every OTA and wholesaler, saving their time and increasing bookings.
  • All-in-one Tool – Manage your images and amenities, distribute your most recent content and see how you perform within your destination.
  • Reduced Costs – Save plenty of time and resources by not having to update each travel site individually and leave the translation of your content to the GIATA content team.
  • Better Visibility – Provide images and all details about your accommodation in order to appear in the top rankings of travel site search results.
  • Expanded Distribution – Distribute your images and amenities across GIATA’s global network of 20,000+ channels in more than 70 countries within 72 hours.
  • Global Markets – Trust in GIATA to publish your hotel information in the language your guests speak – currently 25 languages around the globe.
  • Consistent Content – Have full control over your hotel’s information displayed on thousands of channels and minimize the risk of costly guest complaints.
  • GIATA has been training its AI on suppliers’ data for 16 years adapting the MultiCodes AI with every mapping error that is reported by the numerous GIATA Global Network. Therefore, the MultiCodes AI reaches an accuracy level of 99,99962% which is unparalleled in the travel industry.
HyperGuest Activation steps

This strategic integration between GIATA and HypeGuest will allow all Travel Demand partners to use GIATA for keeping their hotel portfolio up-to-date and driving revenue growth.

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Check out our blog to learn all you need to know about content distribution and how to manage your hotel content with GIATA.