Exploring New Horizons: Innstant Connect's Innovative Travel Solutions

Exploring New Horizons: Innstant Connect's Innovative Travel Solutions

Discover how Innstant Connect is reshaping the travel industry with its cutting-edge technology, from real-time inventory management to dynamic package creation and smart pricing tools.
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September 27, 2023

In the ever-evolving travel landscape, Innstant Connect emerges as a technological leader, offering innovative solutions. From bridging demand-player gaps through hub solutions to streamlining hotel bookings with real-time inventory management, Innstant Connect pioneers change. Discover dynamic package technology for personalized travel, the Smart Agent Price Drop Notification Tool for market agility, and the integration with HyperGuest for direct distribution. Join us as we host Asaf Roth, CEO at Innstant Connect, for an exclusive 1-on-1 chat and delve deeper into the future of travel.

Could you provide a brief overview of Innstant Connect's market position, encompassing the range of products and services it offers, its target audience, and its level of market penetration?

Innstant Connect is a technology company primarily engaged in land arrangements, with a key focus on hotels. It offers hub solutions that serve as a bridge between demand players and content providers. The Innstant Connect platform is built upon two main dimensions. Firstly, it features API XML connectivity with several hundred providers. This entails dealing with both static and dynamic data, including content pictures and facilities, among others. This forms one aspect of the platform. Secondly, the Innstant Platform comprises a comprehensive front, mid, and back-office tool that empowers clients to select the specific system components they wish to utilize. Our clientele spans the globe, encompassing all continents, as they leverage our platform as a channel for sales beta testing. This global reach positions Innstant Connect as a key player in the market.

Innstant Connect offers sophisticated business intelligence tools. Can you share specific examples of how these tools provide valuable insights to travel businesses and help them make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations?

Innstant Connect operates within a group comprising diverse entities, including a B2B wholesaler, a hotel chain, and two technological companies. Our technological endeavors encompass PMS and channel manager solutions, and we are dedicated to catering to the travel industry's needs. Given our comprehensive perspective, we possess insights into the dynamic and ever-changing market landscape and its demands.

Our commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures that our tools are always at the forefront of advancement. In this context, we provide our clients with tools that grant them insights into their businesses while utilizing our platform. These tools are designed to facilitate effective business operation and decision-making. While the specifics of these tools vary, they collectively empower travel businesses to harness data-driven insights and optimize their operations effectively.

Real-time inventory management is one of your highlights solutions. What advantages does this feature bring to travel agents, and how does it improve booking efficiency? Do you have some numbers to share?  

Absolutely, our commitment to service includes an invaluable option for wholesalers and travel industry players: seamless integration with all your travel and hotel providers. With this in mind, we take on the responsibility of ensuring you receive a unified feed.

This unified feed entails connecting, let's say, to 10 different providers, all offering availability in the same hotel in London. We harmonize this information into a singular representation. We consolidate all the relevant data for that hotel—pictures, details, location, and more—into a coherent content management system. Currently, we manage a portfolio of over a million hotels globally, spanning more than 150 providers. This capacity is a testament to the effectiveness and scope of our real-time inventory management solution.

Can you elaborate on how this feature allows travel agents to create tailored packages for customers, and what benefits it brings in terms of personalization and increasing sales?

Our API connection allows you to integrate with the various vectors of travel that we are allowing and you are able to combine components from different dimensions, flights, with hotels into a singular source of content supplied with attractive content rates that is built for packages mainly. So you can basically wrap unique deals into package and sell it over to your travel agents or end consumer.

Your Smart Agent Price Drop Notification Tool sounds intriguing. Could you explain how this tool works and how it assists travel agents in offering competitive pricing and responding to market fluctuations?

The Smart Agent tool constantly monitors hotel rates. When it identifies a better rate, it updates existing bookings, leading to roughly a 15% boost in profit margins. This feature not only aids agents in staying competitive amidst market changes but also allows them to improve customer satisfaction by sharing cost savings with clients. 

Can you discuss the decision to integrate Innstant Connect with HyperGuest and the benefits it provides to your clients in terms of Direct Distribution?

The integration with HyperGuest signifies a dynamic move in the industry. Our clients often grapple with the increasing demand for direct connections to hotels. This is where HyperGuest steps in, providing a solution that allows our platform users seamless integration directly with hotels. HyperGuest addresses both the technological complexities associated with connecting to hotels and hotel chains, as well as the commercial interface necessary between hotels and buyers. This integration offers our clients a direct and effective means of distribution, enhancing their ability to streamline operations and establish more efficient connections with hotels.

To read more about the partnership between HyperGuest & Innstant Connect, click here!


“HyperGuest's integration revolutionizes the industry by meeting direct hotel connection demand and ensuring seamless platform integration.”

Asaf Roth
Partner & CEO
Innstant Connect

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