HyperGuest & DTS - A Tale of Seamless Distribution and Unmatched Partnership!

HyperGuest & DTS - A Tale of Seamless Distribution and Unmatched Partnership!

DTS's partnership with HyperGuest resulted in a +93% sales surge, transforming hotel direct connections. In an exclusive chat, Enrique Dieux, CEO at DTS ,shares some important insights.
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December 21, 2023

DTS , a seasoned company specializing in online bookings of Hotels across Latam, faced expansion challenges centered on securing seamless hotel connections. Their pursuit of innovation and operational stability led them to partner with HyperGuest, an advanced platform ensuring swift access to live rates and inventory. Our technology not only aligned with DTS's efficiency goals but also fostered a remarkable +93% sales growth from 2022 to 2023.

Enzo Aita, VP Business Development at HyperGuest, conducted a valuable 1-on-1 conversation with Enrique Dieux, CEO at DTS .

Fantastic to hear about the global impact HyperGuest has through DTS Travel! Could you share some specific KPIs or data points that highlight the increase in bookings or revenue since adopting HyperGuest technology? We love a good success story!

During the Covid pandemic, we crossed paths with HyperGuest. We kicked off a delightful exchange of information about our company, DTS Travel, markets, and hotels.

We were in the midst of a platform migration, a journey that seamlessly allowed us to integrate through the cutting-edge technology we were embracing. Smooth, right?

From that point onwards, the mapping process took flight, unveiling a grand presentation of hotels ready to join their platform. Post-mapping adventures and a bit of technical troubleshooting, Hyperguest now proudly stands as our third global sales channel manager within DTS Travel.

Between January to December, we've triumphantly sold over 8,000 hotel nights, achieving an astronomical growth of over 100% compared to our 2022 performance.

Today, HyperGuest isn't just a platform; it's our strategic partner in the marketing and distribution dance for DTS Travel and our cherished customers. Together, we're conquering the world, one hotel night at a time. Cheers to exponential growth and strategic alliances!

Efficiency and technology speed seem to be the hallmark of your collaboration with HyperGuest. Could you share some quantifiable data on the response time improvements or error reduction rates you’ve experienced since implementing HyperGuest? We're curious about the tangible impact on your operations!

The constant collaboration between both teams allows us to experience day by day growth in the already mapped hotels, but especially in the new additions that HyperGuest platform is acquiring. Of course, it's not a simple process, as it depends not only on DTS but also on the effective mapping of our clients for proper distribution and purchase.

We've observed that, unlike other channel managers, due to response times and accurate information, when a hotel comes through various channels and one of them is Hyperguest, the reservation ends up being confirmed through it’s platform. Cheers to effective teamwork and seamless processes!

Could you share a specific anecdote or instance where HyperGuest's Support Team played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth booking process or resolving a challenging situation for DTS?

From the moment HyperGuest begins to offer the product that the customer most requires, HyperGuest has done an excellent job, for example, with the Alvear Hotels chain. Here, we've seen that initiating the negotiation led by the HyperGuest contracting team was highly beneficial. In these particular hotels, we previously had only one type of rate, significantly limiting the possibility of selling other rate plan options. This negotiation has resulted in a greater profit margin for our clients and DTS.

Thanks to the seamless connection and effective collaboration between both technological platforms (TGX and HYP), we have achieved outstanding results in terms of business, tariffs, and sales.

DTS Travel seems to have a diverse clientele from around the world. Could you tell us more about the unique aspects of DTS Travel's company profile? What sets your audience apart, and how does HyperGuest cater to the specific needs and preferences of such a varied group of travelers?

DTS Travel is a company that originated in Argentina, based in Uruguay, where amidst the pandemic, the decision was made to open up to the entire Latin American market. We've gone from having 2800 hotels to over 12K in our portfolio today. We operate as a B2B, selling LATAM to the world and catering to Latin Americans.

In recent years, we've observed a rise in the profile of our clients. By this, we mean that while they used to prefer 3 and 4-star hotels, today, we see a shift towards choosing 4 superior/5 luxury/super luxury hotels, with higher quality standards, always in pursuit of greater excellence.

Through HyperGuest, we have expanded our product portfolio, offering a variety in hospitality and available rates for our clients.

Want to learn more about this partnership? We invite you to read the full case study and see how HyperGuest empowered DTS's success.

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"Thrilled to share that HyperGuest has become a pivotal strategic ally in driving the sales and distribution efforts for DTS Travel and its esteemed clientele."

Enrique Dieux
Chief Executive Officer

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