HyperGuest & Alvear Hotels and Resorts

HyperGuest & Alvear Hotels and Resorts

HyperGuest onboards Alvear Hotels & Resorts!
Tal Lavi
June 1, 2023

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Alvear Hotels & Residences, a renowned name in the world of luxury hotels in Buenos Aires.

Alvear Hotels & Residences is synonymous with excellence, hospitality, and sophistication. Each of their hotels is a unique masterpiece, strategically located to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. From the grand French-inspired Alvear Palace Hotel in La Recoleta to the modern Alvear Art Hotel in the heart of the city, and the breathtaking Alvear Icon Hotel & Residences in Puerto Madero, their properties redefine luxury.

At HyperGuest, we are committed to revolutionizing the way hotels and travel providers communicate and collaborate. According to Alvear hotels: "We decided to connect to HyperGuest since we think it's a tool that will facilitate communication and work dynamics between hotels and travel agencies. Fixed and dynamic rates connected to our rate distribution center make everything much easier and more agile!"

We extend our gratitude to Maria Cecilia Pallero and Jonathan Sutton Dabbah for their invaluable support in building this partnership. Their expertise and dedication have been instrumental in bringing this collaboration to life.

We look forward to a successful journey together, as we combine Alvear Hotels & Residences' exceptional hospitality with HyperGuest's cutting-edge technology. Together, we aim to create extraordinary experiences for travelers worldwide.

To contact Alvear Hotels & Residences directly, email jonathan.sutton@alvear.com.ar.

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