HyperGuest & Archipelago International

HyperGuest & Archipelago International

HyperGuest is happy to onboard Archipelago International !
July 4, 2024

Exciting News! HyperGuest is thrilled to announce our partnership with Archipelago International!

Archipelago International is one of Southeast Asia's largest privately owned hospitality group, boasts over 40,000 rooms and residences in more than 200 locations across Southeast Asia. With a portfolio of 11 award-winning brands, including ASTON, Alana, Huxley, and more, Archipelago is committed to exceptional service and quality, delivering memorable experiences across diverse markets.

Archipelago International has partnered with HyperGuest to enhance its distribution strategy by leveraging HyperGuest's advanced platform. This collaboration aims to optimize inventory distribution, increase direct bookings, and improve overall operational efficiency, providing a seamless and efficient booking experience for both travelers and hotel operators.

Special thanks to Mr. Chris Legaspi, Mr. I Gusti Putu Stephen, and Mr. Erick Kurniawan for their support in developing this partnership.

Together, we are sure that this collaboration will bring exceptional value and unforgettable experiences to our guests.

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